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I have not the strength to fight anymore The longing for peace is gone The darkness beckons me into the night It still calls even though I no longer fight I stand on the edge contemplating the fall Awaken my soul and bring me home There is more than what I have been shown Many days wandering in the dark The cold seizes me and drains my heart I no longer care to understand why Untethered, my soul leaves the bonds Released, I step over the edge and finally, I fly Detached, unchained, last breath I breathe I know for me no soul would grieve My purpose was served, what mark I leave Resting now in the darkness, its embrace Tears of relief run down my face Back to the source, my soul to find No longer in pieces, rent and torn apart Reunited with source, the beginning of me Untethered from the chains and finally free The darkness shows the purpose of all No more days in the agony of my mind In the nothingness, it is comfort I find I cried to be understood, I cried to b