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A Priest's Tale of Love

Told she could not love him They told her to stay away Behind closed doors he wept Pining in the dark for her His heart breaking slowly Tears flowed to see her face Hear her voice echo again In his dark and empty space Tortured in body and heart They told him she went away Unable to love who he is now Lies they spoke he knew somehow
In the country chapel, just down the lane A young woman on her knees before God Before the alter, head bowed, she prayed Grant him peace and surround him with love I cannot hold him, comfort or ease his pain Send your angels for me, whisper in his ear Let him know his true love and friend is near
Faithful to her prayers and passionate pleas Each morning the priest would open the doors At the alter to her knees, she fell to the floor Patiently she waited in the chapel, listening Watching the busy lane from the window Till the sun behind the trees fell to shadow
Moved by her faith, her love and honesty The priest called upon the man's family After heari…

The Clouded Veil

There are times in our lives we begin to question everything, all that we see, hear, feel, and touch. All experiences in this physical existence become questionable.  We fight for sanity, reason and the ability to keep our world from turning upside down, struggling to make sense of it all. We walk into the moment of between.  Between all things.  That area of clarity where the existence we think we know becomes blurry and we begin to see what exists in the background.  We begin to have Matrix moments.

Just like in the movie the Matrix we, like Neo, have an awakening.  Circumstances which surround us 'glitch' and make our view (perception) change.  These moments become our normal instead of being abnormal.  We begin to question our truth and realize we filter this life experience through our own unique perception. What may be real and truth to us will not always be the same for others.  Because of this, we may feel insecure.  Everyone's experiences regarding Matrix moments …

Light vs Dark

Casting anger upon the wind My raging screams and cries Shaking a raised fist to the sky I will not falter or be tamed Beaten down, mocked, shamed I am free, a spirit of the light Casting a glimmer in the night Demons rise and begin to howl Charging with angered growls Twisting, turning I glide about They are shadow, I am light Determined to win this fight Hope within love gives birth Causing demons to be undone Their hatred burns like the sun Claws raking against the earth Giving light, hope to the lost My destiny, whatever the cost Death drips from their mouth Circling, watching and waiting Scratching at the edges, baiting I will not give in, believe the lie The heart within me will not die Down the path and into the night They stalk to the left, to the right Casting the light further ahead Following a path where I am led Like sharp arrows the curses fly I will not turn nor heed the cry In the distance, from all sides Lights shine, they cannot hide Part of the dark I will not be Lo…

Doors of the Heart

If I could travel in time Go back, undo, unwind Find myself, just before I made the choice, the mistake Of walking through your door
Taking a breath, walking away Now knowing in the end You would never stay Broken heart, pain untold  One less scar on my soul
Another path, different direction Affirmed, knowing without question Being able to breathe, no tears to shed Knowing who I am, where I want to go Watching time bend, ebb and flow
Would it be better, finding another path Or would I only keep searching Longing for a love meant to last All paths lead to the same Learning of myself, ego to tame
Knowing a lesson must be learned No matter the path, I will get burned From the ashes new life grows Purging my heart, a necessary pain Preparing me for love to claim
I see your door in my mind's eye Grateful now for lessons learned Heart at peace, I no longer cry Stepping through, I see your face Knowing in all of this I found grace
Releasing the past into infinity Circles, continual, mer…

If You Had Stayed

Robbed of breath and reason
Stolen kisses, sweet embrace
Your caresses upon my face
 The heat of your hands
The softness of your touch
All of this I miss so much
Listening to your breathing
My head laid upon your chest
Love blossomed within my heart
Thanking heaven for a new start
Beneath your fingertips I was played
Within my heart a treasure made
Believing love could win this time
Fear, the killer, robbed us blind
Crushing without mercy, left us cold
Passionate love once so bold
Crying for hope and mercy, I fell
Total confusion into a silent hell
Wishing for love's strong embrace
You left me alone in this place
This would have been heaven
Our hearts could have been saved
My love, if only you had stayed


Darkness Within

Sometimes it is easier to face the external darkness than the internal.  We have a daily life to help us ignore it as well.  It hides behind the daily grind, distractions of the computer and television, as well as the overactive social calendar.  There are many other things which help us keep from spending time with our demons, and of course, they are in no hurry for us to pay too much attention to them in the first place.  If we did, we would be more in tune and aware.  The understanding that the darkness within has so much to teach helps us find the courage to face them.

In the quiet, the stillness and the deeply alone times we come face to face with those things which we stuff way down deep.  Deep into the recesses of our consciousness where very rarely we tend to visit. It is when these deep rooms of our inner abyss become over full that we are forced to allow a few to the surface.  Unfortunately, some, when they do make it to the surface, simply get reclassified and delegated to …

Faerie Light

The Faeries in my garden danced and played The great trees and flowers were their stage Twinkling lights through the fog and trees Their ethereal beauty my eyes wished to see I watch from my window, alone in the dark They beckon for me to follow, to go on a lark Creeping from my room slowly, softly I step Across the hall, down the creaky wooden stairs Around the dark corner where the broom is kept Out the back door, pausing I glance left and right Making sure my parents had snuffed out their light Darting across the back lawn, I cast off my cares I reached the garden, pausing, and gasping for air A smile on my face, laughter bubbled deep inside I did a jig, happiness and joy I could not hide Into the garden, winding through the great trees The heavy scent of the flowers surrounded me The Faeries played in my hair, kissing my face I followed, wandering outside of time and space We played for hours, laying to rest in the soft grass Closing my eyes, hearing my heart beat so very fast Th…

Removing the Dark

In dealing with the negative of life, we can sometimes find ourselves surrounded with it, by no fault of our own. It seems no matter what is done, or changes made, the negative never seems to abate.  I call this state of existence, collecting the darkness.  Believe it or not, there are some who are actually meant to walk in the dark places on purpose.  Learning is a part of it, but this is not the main reason for the temporary state.  We are actually meant to be lights in the darkness, to be hope to those who are seeking a way out.

To fully understand what it means to collect the darkness , we must first be centered and affirmed within, loving ourselves and valuing who we are upon this Earth.  We must know, that we know, that we know - we are a child of light and one who seeks the truth.  We must know in our inner self, we are worthy of all things, and we are the most powerful force on the Earth, we are love.  Once we have this written upon our souls, and it becomes a 'living thin…


Every moment we walk is our own.  We filter these moments through our own experiences, knowledge, and understanding, and ultimately what is our own truth.  In the interaction with others, we find ourselves attempting to do several different things.  We try to adjust, change, destroy or absorb their filters.  If we are successful in any of these attempts, we see it as a validation of ourselves and who we are.   However, peace with ourselves comes when we can walk in these interactions, observe the other, acknowledge their filters and let them be without the internal need to make them like us. We neither agree nor disagree, we simply observe and acknowledge.

In doing this, the ego's push for a fight to justify our own filters is rendered baseless.  Understand, these filters span all four pillars of our life - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  We must realize we all have a right to be as we are, whether right or wrong, up or down, diagonal, sideways, spinning, tripping, rec…

Home to Me

Space in between, place unseen, a heart's keep Creag on the mountain, firm beneath my feet Arms to the sky, winds burst upon my face  Attempting to carry me far from this place Eyes full of tears, upon a vast ocean I gaze Praying for love to break through the haze Hope abides, alone I am, if alone I must be Prayer for the winds to carry you here to me All of life's beauty, love, joy, struggle, pain In all things an emptiness I still cannot name Watching waves roll in to crash upon the shore Their journey against the rocks they exclaim The birds of the air flying high do the same Upon the horizon cast the sun's setting bloom  Tendrils of colors paint the dusky sky too soon Each day ends too quickly for my heart to grasp I ache in my soul, my heart to hold you at last I turn from the edge, empty arms and heavy heart Back to our home, walking the path to the start In the still of my room I will watch in the night Until I see you, my window a candle will light Let it guide yo…

Existing In Truth

There are times in our lives we have to learn to shut out the noise and determine for ourselves, truth. Each of us walks a path specifically for our own learning and growth.  It may be side by side to others, but we cannot depend on another's learning to advance us.  We must do the work, learn and apply to our daily lives that which is revealed to us through this life and its experiences.

When we begin to allow another to have control over our existence we cease to be universally free. It is wise to glean wisdom from others, using it for deeper understanding, but to allow another to hold the reigns of life, is foolish.  We learn from each other, but we do not hold the right of life over each other.  It is prideful to believe a soul has such a place over another.  Who are we but mere mortals in this physical plane, spiritual beings bound inside a physical body?  We are spiritually eternal but physically mortal.  For a soul to believe they have absolute authority over another spirit…


Heavenly moon in the sky Whispering through the night Hope, guided by soothing light Path before, now lies behind No longer clouded, or blind   Time spins, no standing still Heart mended and healed In the night, as in the day Love within guides the way Timeless, unhindered, free Hope is more than what I see Allowing guidance to flow One step slowly to you I know Journey by night and the day The imprint on my soul stays In this lifetime hearts to meet Heavenly dreams so bittersweet  Two souls searching, pining heart Only to be just a moment apart Look to the moon high in the sky I know you see it, the same as I By its light I send you my love As you gaze on it, shining above Stay on your path, as I will mine Believe in hope outside of time  Though I am here and you there The same lonely path we share  A long road beneath our feet Somewhere upon it we meet Some things we cannot know Some things we cannot see In time, together we will be