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We are conduits.  Channeling into the Earth, other people, animals and everything around us.  Did you know because we are conduits we can choose to channel either blessings or curses?  Positive or negative. Thought is cause.  Thoughts give the energy form, focus, power, and direction.  We are meant to be a blessing to others.  That which is channeled into our lives as a blessing is meant to be channeled out to others.  Many stop the blessings being channeled into their lives because they choose to become curses instead.  When we cling to the negative it is negative we create. Have you ever been somewhere and 'feel' pockets of negativity?  Everyone in the area seems to feed off of each other?  They all complain about the same things, are filled with anger, jealousy, rage and all the negative things you can think of.  Like attracts like.  We all vibrate with energy.  So it stands to reason what you project through thought, word or deed you will attract to you the same.  It is s

Only You

From my dreams I awoke With your name on my lips As a blanket you covered me Searching for your body on my fingertips I reach out to touch You were not there Time not allowing us to share Empty space left me shaking Only a dream I realize aching Left to separate reality from dream The hope of you my heart clings Each day a new dawn greets my sleepy eyes Each night envelopes my longing sighs I pray from the well of my soul Seeking heaven's blessings for you untold Leaving to faith what my heart cries The day may come when I look into your eyes At last to see my dreams come true No other to exist only we two This ache I have to love so true There is no other, only you (2008©) Love Right |  Source


As an old soul, I know to watch for the signs given.  Small messages left here and there. Today the word I came across over and over was 'simplicity'. Life can become so very complicated if we allow it.  So many things enter our life and take up space between. The space needed by our spirit and soul to grow and expand understanding. These things, or people, absorb our energy on every level.  If we are unable to realize these space violators are unnecessary, we stand to become hollow and lifeless.  Our wells drained dry. We become dry because there is no space between to fill with refreshing growth.  The expansion of understanding.  The poignancy of this physical existence is the soul learns that which it cannot learn on any other plane. It is here, and only here the soul experiences the understanding of the simultaneous existence of opposites.  Light and dark.  Love and apathy.  Acceptance and hate.  Joy and sorrow.  To know the loss of that which we hold dear.  The o


Today my youngest son and I had a very deep conversation regarding his upcoming move.  He reiterated a conversation he had with his father, my ex-husband, whom he works for at the present time.  To really understand our conversation, and deeper meaning I wish to express to you, I must allow you a window into the past. I am known in my family as the 'gypsy'.  According to my mother I take after my father who had an adventurous personality.  He served in the Air Force, went on to work for NASA, and eventually became a programmer for a huge, book distribution company.  During their life together they lived many places; the most exotic being Guam.  My mother makes me laugh because she doesn't consider herself adventurous in the least.  I would have to say being recruited by the FBI in her senior year of high school is quite adventurous.  No, she did not take their offer because of her father.  That is a whole different blog all together.  Needless to say I received my genetic


With the turn of my head And a shift of my eye There are changes up ahead I spy Excitement from the start Butterflies dance across my heart I get to change and grow All for the better this I know Before me the path is laid If just for today stormy weather stays away I move forward leaving the old behind Enjoying this adventurous path I climb Changing scenery from day to day A spring in my step I am on my way (2016 ©)

Purpose To Be Positive

Negative thoughts and emotions are to the soul as cancer is to the body.  Purpose to be positive in thought, word and deed.  Each of us have the opportunity every day, in big and small ways, to create an environment of positive, creative energy.  Is it easy?  Sometimes.  Other times it takes everything inside just to muster up any feelings of gratitude or happiness.  I call these Pollyanna moments. If you have never seen the film, watch it.  It is a 1960's film about a young, orphaned girl played by Hayley Mills. The main character, Pollyanna, purposed to find something positive in every situation she was presented with. It was more than just looking for the silver lining in every cloud.  It was something she felt in her soul and her heart.  Throughout the movie she either annoyed people or they fell in love with her.  By the end of the movie she had the whole town following her lead of being positive by playing the 'Glad game'.  Hunt for the things to be glad about and o


Here is an epically motivational video to get you started, via one of my fave channels on YouTube.   ThePrimeCronus   A person's success in life has little to do with how they feel.  It has everything to do with how they think. The difference between successful people, and those who are not, is the people of success 'think' success therefore they 'know' and become success.  They exist in a state of success.  Our emotions and feelings can affect the way we think, thus creating this vortex of existing energy which surrounds our physical state. Emotions are sneaky little buggers which can create positive or negative energy. Successful people have learned one important exercise above all.  They have learned to compartmentalize their emotions and only allow them to come to the forefront when it is productive to do so.  At that point they process the emotions and absorb any important information from them. Then they move on.  In essence they keep their emot

A Place of Shadows

A place of shadows A place of holes  He was the muse that unlocked my soul He brought out the pain The suffering and shame The things in my life I could not name He showed me the path back to the light Suddenly snuffing out the life Leaving me here on a path without sight Walking alone into this night Whispering breezes of what could have been Please tell me what was my sin This soul seeks the light as the night seeks the day With only hope to guide my way Step by step I now take Humbled, broken, bent and torn Pain so great with sobbing breaths my shoulders shake Alone on this path of heavy despair No one around for my burden to share He was my healing My comfort and pleasure Speaking words my heart would treasure All but lies to seal my fate To walk this path alone in pain Remembering what was, is and will remain (2007©) Stares Into Space | wholio |  Source

Days of Gray

My soul feels gray today.  This is ok.  There are some on this Earth who look down upon those who have gray in their days.  They go about throwing rays of sunshine and demanding all who can hear them should feel as they do.  They believe everyone is required to take on the bouncy rays of sunshine and dance their souls happy.  This is ludicrous, unfair and egotistical.  Who is anyone to tell me how I should feel or not feel?  I feel as I do, and I embrace it.  Because I do this I learn.  I expand my understanding of life and my spirit gets stronger from these experiences I have. Whether they be sunny or gray.  It is neither right nor wrong to be in a particular state of existence.  Each state is a state of learning and growth.  Allow it.  Embrace it.  Then grow from it. Now, if one does not grow, then they might want to step back, look at the experience and find out why.  What is in this lesson they are choosing to reject or not embrace fully?  It is in these moments I feel we have th


With today's internet and other technology I find myself overwhelmed at times with too much information.  Simplicity has seemed to flit out the window.  I have a subject, I research and then find myself inundated with information which is sometimes useful and other times not.  My information filter is made of maybe three holes where someone else's may be like a colander with a hundred holes.  I have three choices, and I choose the one nearest to the information I desire. Or, I choose none and look for three more to look through. This inability to take in a lot of information at once has created a part of my personality which most women find unusual.  I hate shopping.  Dear Lord give me a nerve pill if I have to go to a mall.  Shopping is hell to me.  I walk into a store and get slammed with fifteen different colors of one style of shirt.  Or, racks and racks of styles that I couldn't even begin to wear them all in one lifetime if I tried.  I mean really.  Why?  My closet

Loving Me

As I sit here with my morning cup of tea my mind contemplates life as it always does.  During the course of its wondering memories flooded in of times, I said, "I'm sorry".  It seems I was always apologizing for something.  It doesn't happen as often as it used to, and I am much better now at catching myself before I utter the words.  See, for the better part of my life, I didn't love myself.  I think most of us go through this except maybe those who qualify as clinically narcissistic. I still apologize, but I do so now when I am convicted in my spirit of wrongdoing.  When I know I have violated a spiritual law such as "do unto others".  Before, I would apologize for everything.  I didn't believe in myself, and more importantly I didn't love myself.  I created a pain filled existence surrounded by bars of shame.  If someone didn't approve, like or acknowledge me in some way I truly believed I had done something horrifically wrong on some le

Chaos and Clarity

Chaos and clarity seem on the surface to be two separate states of being.  I believe they are inseparable.  Allow me to explain my reasoning. When one is in the midst of chaos the sense of being is unwound.  The world is in an upside down position.  Nothing seems to be right or in line with one's direction in life.  The state of reality is warped and disjointed.  The path has become unclear and is scattered with remnants of dreams or goals.  The forward movement has been halted, molehills become mountains and daily task become boulders being pushed up the mountains.  The mind becomes a battlefield between ego and spirit.  Positive and negative thoughts vie for control of the mouth hoping to form action. When one is in clarity the sense of being is grounded.  The world is righted and everything flows together.  One's path is seen clearly and understanding is abundant.  Insight happens without hindrance allowing one to task efficiently and overcome obstacles with minimal effo

2015 Lost My Baggage

Well, well, well here it is, another year. I feel this new year of 2016 will be a year of climax for many.  2015 seemed to be a year of extreme lessons, and the giant push out of the nest by mother universe.  Now, 2016 will be a time to learn how to fly and put into practice all that was learned in the previous year.  Hopefully we can let go of all that is unnecessary for our betterment.  Allow the universe to lose our baggage so to speak in changing flights from 2015 to 2016.  I know I could stand to cut some things loose myself.  I'm sure it will be the moment of truth for many as well as myself this year.  Put up or shut up as they say.  One does not have the right to complain if they are unwilling to change, right?  Taking a deep breath, I'm diving in this year without my floaties. As the clock struck twelve I received a text After a hundred or so I was like, "Who could be next?" Grabbing my phone I pulled up the screen Only to find the weirdest thing