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Love and Trust

I have walked through several situations the last few months which have pushed me deeper into my self-awareness and understanding more so than I have ever known.  These moments have caused me to withdraw from social interaction, family, friends and my creative nature.  However, this is not a negative thing.  It is actually quite the opposite for I have gained clarity and peace once again. By being put in a new place, a deeper place, it was important to find the silence.  To be able to disconnect and take me away into my sanctuary.  It is a place I visualize within, a safe haven sealed away where I can mentally, emotionally and spiritually walk into and seal the door closed. In this place, I can dissect myself by looking in from the outside.  This is where I have been, and I have come to a deeper realization of a strict structuring which no longer serves me.  A new understanding which frees me from self-criticism, angst, and self-doubt.  I have found a sweet freedom, and it is truly a

It Is We

The world falls away Nothing more a man can pay Only that which is the soul What is it the heart holds Easier to pretend than bleed Ravenous hunger of love to feed Walking dead, superficial spawn Void and empty, dusk to dawn Grasping at air, blinded eyes Deafened ears, covered lies Seeping wounds never healed Hate filled soul’s darkness seals The world falls away Much more a man can say Only that which is the soul What is it the heart holds The simple truth, no pretense Stepping forth in love's defense Filled with life, inner light shines Communion again with the divine Entering between, knowing eye Hearing wisdom, willing to try Forgiveness covers and heals Loved filled souls beauty seals Blended together yin and yang Age to age life brings forth change Embracing the totality of it all Light and dark, wisdom's sweet call  Together we choose to live or bleed No longer you or me, it is now we Flow of life, energy


Music, blended notes Cascade through moments Enveloping the senses Existence expands Outside boundaries Back and forth Across the strings Notes whispered in air Ivory keys caressed Making emotion bare Gliding boldly in space Imagination set free Leaving behind reality Bass resounds in force Set tempo and time Cycles upon a course Tones and melodies Notes of sensuality Scales of bliss Rhythm and rhyme Sounds pulse and flow Over and under Above and below Space between throbs A cadence and dance Breath through brass Reeds tremble too Adagio or allegro A melody is cast Grandioso or grazioso Pitch and timbre A harmony makes Each stands alone Together, merged Beauty all create Time is lost Stillness, peace Inside the music Wrapped in notes Caressed by tendrils Carried far away For now a moment Here is where I stay 2016© My Parallel Universe |  Source


Blissfully, softly deep in the woods the silence begins to move Winds through the leaves, across the ancient boughs of trees Feet into the earth she stands, communes, connects and breathes Unseen fingers caress her form, lifting her hair to dance in the light Healing resides within this place, thresholds revealed across space All are connected, the light and the dark, each to leave their mark Tears show the torment of a rended soul, her soft spirit now cold Understanding gained, absorbing the pain brings growth not shame Strength from below and grace from above, a soul destined for love Casting away darkness, choosing to fight and bring forth her light One, two, three, four and five the circle is formed and set to guard What has been done, karma released, now sealed within time's space Heart was pure, no stain within its core, torn, crushed upon the floor   Raising her hands in prayer, speaking her truth to the darkening sky Moonlight covers, a sweet em