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Blended Soul

I am with you in the darkness, that place kept from the light A place we all have to go to learn, to gain deep inner sight I will hold you fast while you are here until the pain ends Until the shadows cease their torment and the sun shines again My arms will hold you gently, affirming you are not alone I will whisper words of love, memories of how much you have grown In this place of dark, murky waters and storms and cold, hard rain I will help you remember there is a reason for your time here, a reason for the pain My presence will ground you, help keep you from falling apart Though the shadows circle, tearing at the precious love in your heart My words will tell you of your beautiful soul, whispering things of peace Whatever it takes while you are in the dark, you have my love to keep A madness rages against your tender soul, a lie that nothing matters in the end Feel my love, heart, soul and body, my dreams of a lifetime to spend I will be your anchor, ke

Romantic vs. Soul Connections

What does it mean to have a romantic connection versus a soul connection with someone?  Are they the same?  I find myself differentiating the two as separate and very different states of being. What is a romantic?  According to Webster, "A romantic is someone who has beliefs or attitudes of romance characterized by the expressions of love and an idealized view of reality, positive or negative."  They quickly experience passionate, tender and loving emotions or thoughts. They also experience the dark side to these as well.  Their glasses are often rose-colored, and they are prone to rely mainly on the physical expressions of others and themselves to validate their romantic notions. Romantics experience primarily within the realm of the heart.  The heart is a powerful place to be. The potential for intense and even explosive expressions is found here.  The saying, "They wear their heart on their sleeve," applies to romantics.  The imagination fuels this place. Thoug

Ruadh gu brath!

This post is a tribute to my mother.  I have taken much time in thought of how I wanted to tell the world of her.  For those who have followed this blog, there have been times I have spoken of her condition, which even now I am not prepared for.  Even though I am faced each day with the inevitability of her loss, I have struggled to find a way to put into words her essence of being.  I feel at last I have found a way to do this, and hopefully tell of a most beautiful soul whom I have had the privilege and honor of calling my mother. Ruadh gu brath is Scottish Gaelic for 'redheads forever'.  To tell my mother's story I must first begin with my grandmother Rebecca Ellen McEwen, for whom I am named. We are of the Clan McEwen of the Scottish highlands.  Our ancestral home is found on the coast of Loch Fyne where to this day the remnants of the Caisteal Mhic Eoghain , or Mac Ewen's castle, can be found.  The core of our clan is dated back to the Clan Ewen of Otter w

Puzzle Pieces

Sometimes the randomness of life turns out to teach us the greatest lessons.  Without rhyme or reason, we find ourselves in deep waters treading to stay afloat.  In those moments we can both embrace the depths and learn, or we can allow them to swallow us whole leaving nothing in their wake but chaos. However, even the chaos teaches us something, does it not?  So if all have the potential for showing us deeper things the choice is simply ours to decide what we wish to learn, and more importantly how the lesson may manifest itself. I have learned to love all the states of being even the most painful. Once I tore away the baseless need to protect myself from such lessons I came to realize it is all a beautiful place of purpose connected to the whole. I desire to know the deeper things and have a craving for it.  I was fortunate to be placed in such a situation this past week.  Seeming to have manifested out of nowhere, it placed me in front of a mirror asking me, "Are you ready to