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Cast me upon the waters Toss me to the wind I am never seen Into the ether I spin But hold such power Woman, child and men
I curve about the mountains And settle in the streams I run across the plains And climb the forest trees I dance in flowered meadows And dive into the seas
I seep into universe Gliding among the stars I move about in silence Sliding in between creations Caressing the unseen And witnessing the start
I have the power to maim To heal, create and drive insane I am easily remembered And even more so forgotten I hold the power to feed I am the catalyst of change
I can be idle or overwrought Never touched, held or caught I can bind the strongest human And be a hopeless, dark cell I can pierce the thickest armor Casting the shadow of hell
I can fill everything with love Giving hope, peace and light I can embrace, giving warmth Making laughter, smiles, friends I create bonds of the heart Love that last to the end
I am your words That which you speak Use me wisely each day …

The Infinite Soul

We cannot squeeze into one lifetime, the whole, The infinite expansion of the soul. Each lifetime we find, in the end, ultimately is made waste. Lifetime after lifetime we live and learn only to forget The love, the joy, the suffering, and the pain Only to return to do it all once again. To remember the lifetimes before The choices we make, the paths we take So many times of death, we partake. Every experience, every breath leaves us one last step. We step towards each other, or do we step apart. To strip it all away, to love, to live. Each day we seize with a double fist. Holding tight the day, the night. Fleeting moments, in the end, only to say I want to begin. The flicker of death, the glimmer of light, to touch, to feel So many days on the clock, we find, in the end, surreal. We begin life with a cry and end with a tear. Those left behind, the ones we hold dear. Too many lifetimes, too much fear, each a doorway With every turn of the key, every tick of the clock. Every word of …

It's Been A While

I know it has been a long while since my last posting.  I have been lost and am slowly finding my way out of the darkness.  Losing my mother has been the hardest thing I have ever walked through.  The main reason is that my mom was my grounding and shield.  I did not realize how much I depended on her presence in my life, whether I was with her or not.  The very knowledge that she existed brought such peace to my soul. I knew I could pick up the phone and hear her voice anytime I wished. I could see her whenever I wanted.  She was here. When she became sick, and I moved to take care of her, it was helplessness I could never have imagined. To watch someone I love die slowly and know there was nothing I could do to stop it was debilitating. I could only make her life as comfortable as possible. Dementia is cruel and horrifically unkind. After we had to say goodbye, I was utterly lost. I couldn't save my mom. She was gone. The regrets, waisted time, 'should-haves' and 'co…


Between, I exist in ether
I float and bend with the wind
I breathe and expand like the stormy sea
Carried away, lost and free
Within the sphere of only me

No one touches and no one sees
I hold within because I cannot trust
My heart, in pain the knife of life is thrust
I acknowledge existence, if I must

The sun, it rises again and again
The moon, I dance, I spin and spin
Delivering the sultry witch within
Unashamed and unabashed
Upon the sea of hope a life dashed

Broken with knowledge, I now understand
A soul of love struggles to be heard
Within these walls breaking free
A bird, fluttering, finally upon the wind
Letting go of all that is lost within

Expansion, eternal, a lasting call
Alone, I am, within a shell no one can see
That which I truly know, what is truly me
I tried and failed, the sea of pain I am left to sail

Lessons learned, too many to name
Most of which I call my shame
My only sin is to love without walls
My name in this life will never be called

In the unknown I expand


I have not the strength to fight anymore
The longing for peace is gone
The darkness beckons me into the night
It still calls even though I no longer fight
I stand on the edge contemplating the fall
Awaken my soul and bring me home
There is more than what I have been shown
Many days wandering in the dark
The cold seizes me and drains my heart
I no longer care to understand why
Untethered, my soul leaves the bonds
Released, I step over the edge and finally, I fly
Detached, unchained, last breath I breathe
I know for me no soul would grieve
My purpose was served, what mark I leave
Resting now in the darkness, its embrace
Tears of relief run down my face
Back to the source, my soul to find
No longer in pieces, rent and torn apart
Reunited with source, the beginning of me
Untethered from the chains and finally free
The darkness shows the purpose of all
No more days in the agony of my mind
In the nothingness, it is comfort I find
I cried to be understood, I cried to be heard
Always the stru…

Where Do I Go From Here?

I am at a loss, dear reader.  How do I express myself when I struggle daily to understand my world right now?  I have never been here before, in this state.  This place is new to me and holds no security for me.  I am scattered in a million pieces, trying in vain to keep them together for any length of time.  Grief and pain fill me some days, and other days I feel normal if there is such a state.  It has taken me months to bring myself to this place to be able to write again.  I wonder if this too is in vain.  I believe I am afraid of feeling the pain which writing will bring.  But, maybe in doing so, I can begin to heal.
I have lost my mom, dear reader.  She is finally at peace.  She left this existence October 24 as I held her face begging her to stay.  It was only she and I in her last moments of life.  Reduced to the child within, I kissed her and asked her not to leave just yet.  Yes, I was so very weary, but to live without her was a thought I could not bear in her final moment…


Dear reader, I have for the last few months found myself struggling to put upon the page the revelations I have come into.  So many changes in my life rendered me unable to reign in my scattered thoughts enough to put them in a cohesive form.  I find myself tonight finally finding the internal dialogue flowing and felt I should take advantage of this state as much as possible before it evades me once again.  I ask for your patience as I do my utmost to put before you, my thoughts.  Because, as many rabbit trails as my mind may possess, what follows may seem to you without conclusion or may seem disjointed and without a connection.

A new revelation of what it means to be 'unconditional' came to me one afternoon after I read an article concerning judgment.  This article created a new understanding in me concerning the state of being 'unconditional.'  It is this - to be unconditional one must be able to accept allin their present moment as they are without expectation of …

Battle's End

Sunlight flutters and presses through the stained glass windows up high Dust dances within the light like the sprinkling of snow so white I stand in the hollow core of the church I once called my home Silence reigns down upon me, whispers of sacred prayers once sown Filling the emptiness, memories of worship echo through my mind Once I believed the holy purity of faith, but my soul ran out of time I listen for forgiveness, the sound of love, of heaven and truth so pure The darkness begins to fall upon this empty heart of which there is no cure From archway to pillar, from the altar up to the holy cross, I see only pain For many moons ago the enemy invaded and my weary soul he claimed In the hollow sounds of emptiness, there is no priest to pray once again for me There are no prayers to say to a heaven gone silent, the demons no longer flee Slowly the light fades from the sky taking the kaleidoscope of colors from my eyes I am weary of the battle within and without, my sword hangs limply at my side …