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Wisdom From My Tea

We all go through times in our lives when we feel unloved, disconnected from everyone around us, alone.  The loneliness which accompanies such a state of being is far beyond mere heart pain, it rends the soul open.  It flays the skin of emotions and reasoning.  It causes us to question why we are even here if we cannot be loved. Are we not meant for something more than loneliness?  Will we always be alone in the sun, in the rain?  Will we forever walk our path with no one to hold our hand, or wrap us up tight in an embrace that squeezes the breath from our lungs?  Will our soul only know the void of emptiness and silence without reciprocation?  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we give so much of ourselves without expectation, but deep down there is a whisper of the soul saying, "Love me please." The love we seek isn't necessarily romantic in nature, it is a love filled with acceptance, joy because we exist, because we breathe and because we are here in th