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She Never Knew

Gently her footsteps cross the ground No trace of her there could be found Finally home where she is needed most Quickly inside she casts off her coat Into the moonlit room where he sleeps Slipping her work shoes off from her feet Slowly stepping across a creaky wood floor Silent moves like the mist across the moors The moon wanes heavy in the cloudless sky She so very tired, rubbing eyes, yawning sigh Stopping and listening, making not a sound In the peaceful room her nerves settle down This deep love in her heart for him so pure Her eyes must see him just to make sure The day last too long away from his side Each day she leaves the tears fill her eyes From fear and pain, then true love's first kiss She never knew it would be such as this Gliding closer within the silvery moonlight The breath in her chest catching at the sight She would never tire for her eyes to see How precious and beautiful his face to be Her heart takes many picture

Friend of the Soul

In the innocence of time we found the link Hand in hand we ran, played and sang Within our freedom we saw life glow The rainbows, snowflakes, trails of dust In all of the adventures we bound our trust Days passed, life flew and we let it flow Hand in hand we never let each other go Always laughing past pain filled tears In the darkness we found our salvation In each other we conquered our fears  The days we skipped, got lost in the city We ran, racing the sun for the horizon The twist, turns, lost our way home Writing our story, not caring who knew There was only me, there was only you To this day we have never looked back Two souls intertwined, reaching for stars So much more to know, trust filled hearts Purest of friendship no other can break Together we two bound willingly by fate (2016©) Couple | Ni-nig |  Source

The Pits

One of the many traps of the mind is to make one feel, well, trapped.  As a free spirit, I find it very difficult to be put into a box.  To be made to feel as though I cannot, or am not allowed to, spread my wings and soar above that which is around me.  That which I feel binds me. I speak not of things only on the physical plane, but those things outside of the humanness.  Those things we are within. We all are placed in difficult circumstances on our life's path.  Some more than others.  We all have lessons to learn and growing pains we must experience to expand our spiritual understanding while we are here. It is only here in this physical existence we can experience the absolute essence of emotion.  It is only here we are placed in front of a mirror, stripped of all things before and shown where we need to progress as spiritual beings. The question is when we find ourselves in a mind trap can we find our way out?  Maybe the lesson to be learned is not to accept the trap as


What does it mean to be unseen In the shadows with gray edges Cloaked in form, blind of color Standing on the edge of a cliff Nothing beneath but a black abyss In the darkness shedding the light Taking one step casting life away Free falling leaving mortal clay Pages pass turning one by one No going back, nothing undone Emptiness fills the eternal soul Mark of lessons leaving it cold Embracing the total absence of all No longer fighting against the fall Answers are found within emptiness Drops of understanding being bliss Released from time eons expand Holding galaxies, stars in one hand Eternally seen, marked and known Regardless of the gray edges sown What lies beneath the mortal skin The never ending of things within Coming home entering the Divine No longer in chains, bound by time Memories of love, joy, sorrow, pain Each an essence of life proclaimed What does it mean to be unseen In the shadows with gray edges There betwee