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Turn the Page

Time in a bottle, that's what they say Take a hammer and shatter the glass Real love and truth is all that I ask Looking at you I see the pain Sitting there as it begins to rain Lost in your thoughts so far away My heart breaks for you and I don't know what to say No words I could speak would make things change You choose to stay there bound in the chains But what you don't know is the love I hold I want to reach out and hold your hand so cold I want to tell you it's all going to be okay The sun will rise, beautiful, free, a brand new day But because you close your heart, seal it tight After all we've been through I don't have the strength to fight Both of us are weary of the struggle, our souls tired Day in and day out caught deep in the mire What you need to hear is that I don't care The storms can beat me down as long as you are there If it takes all of my days, my forever, I'll show In this lifetime there is only one thing I know