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Sacred Center

Sliding doors, separate spaces Too much noise, too many faces Need to find a place of peace Find my center balanced on my feet Connect once again with the divine Find the path, a way that is mine Too far gone to make it right Keeping the future within sight Trying not to look behind Nothing there for a soul to find Once before now long forgotten Just as the leaves fall in the autumn Memories fall against the cold ground Broken tendrils of life to be found Whisked away with winds of change Simple moments, nothing stays the same Willingness to learn and to grow Embracing everything there is to know Surrendering to the beautiful possibilities Bare and open, total vulnerability A place of peace will always be found Within the rain, wind or breath is the sound Tone of acceptance and unconditional love Filled, whole with all things above Sliding doors, separate spaces Too much noise, too many faces I found a place of peace Found my center, balanced on my feet Connected once again to the divine Found my path, the way th…

Secret Places

In the secret places of the heart Those guarded and closed rooms Places holding love's lost dreams  Visited often, never opened or seen One day suddenly out of the blue No warning, turning there was you Breathing life into empty, lonely days Thoughts of hope and forever made  Light driving out the heavy shadows Memory filled hallways, heart of me Promises made laying bare the pain Healing balm gently over the scars Beautiful eyes, love sparked like stars Holding, merging all things together Knitted hearts, friends seeking forever First touch confirmed all we had known Time is still, waiting with baited breath Hearts flutter, singing within our chests Slow dance of souls, beginning a lifetime No longer searching down empty paths No more lonely nights with emptiness Filling all the dark corners, empty spaces Long tortured waiting forever in the past Hearts where love's light is finally cast

Special Ops, Filters Pt. 2

I have written previously about filters where I addressed the concept of how we each have our own unique set we use to process the external and internal worlds we exist in.  Recently I have walked through a situation which has deepened my understanding of my own filters and has enlightened me to the concept of a specific 'type' of a filter.  A filter I did not realize I had.

There are the broken filters, which are those no longer conducive to forward growth and are basically the ones we have outgrown and can hinder the development of healthy relationships.  Then there are the healthy filters which are exactly what it sounds like. They are a healthy application of understanding and knowledge in any given situation helping us to make wise decisions concerning our existence.

It is amazing to me to be in a place in life where I thought I knew myself wholly.  Then so abruptly with a full on face plant into a brick wall realize there are still areas of myself which are unknown to me…


Thinking it was ordinary, just another day The wall flower, never knowing what to say Behind the curtain, knowing how to hide Breath taken, shaken, hit hard blindside Hope and possibilities coaxed into a dream A heart so full, love bleeding at the seams Through the motions stumbling and bumbling Chaotic mess, attempt at words so humbling Everything was good while tucked in the dark Never believing to experience passion's spark Shaking away sticky cobwebs of long lost days Arms thrown wide to embrace hope's warm rays Dancing in delicious rhythm finding the rhyme  All so new, fresh, no rush not bound by time Heavy shadows rose and covered the skies Whispering doubt and memories of painful lies No arms to cover, to keep the darkness at bay Only alone in the silence waiting, a heart flayed No returning to what was, ignorance being bliss Fearful things spoken, will always be such as this In the grayness without warmth for far too long No music heard, nothing to play a heart's song Returning to the p…

Love this. The poet James Arthur - Recovery


Kaleidoscope Dreams

Kaleidoscope dreams flash in my mind Bright days, dark nights spin and merge Confusion rings heavy, loud in my ears Colors slide and bleed from pane to pane Whispered promises, eyes filled with tears It is all the childish illusion of trusted hope The unhindered imagination so pure and free No longer the age, time of integrity or honor Soft words are used as empty vessels to steal Laid to bare the rawness of those who kneel Rare are those souls with integrity held The binding of a word, never to rend asunder Holding the innocence of shameless wonder Colors, shapes and images begin to merge The shattering of long held dreams to learn Entering the fray the heart must be guarded Darkness hides, smiles, watching me burn Kaleidoscope dreams flash in my mind Out of the darkness, I am no longer blind Honed and edged with sharpness of soul Seeing truth and light before me unfold Understanding the age is within, not without Long lost days, gone the stupidity of my youth Being one from the old way, remain in truth Tur…

There is Nothing New Under the Sun

One of the many phrases I get hung up on when I think, and then try to eventually put down on paper is this one, "For there is nothing new under the sun..."  It comes from Ecclesiastes, a book of the Bible.  This particular book is believed to be written by King Solomon who is thought to be the wisest man to have ever lived.  I know, I know, it depends on whom you ask.  Moving on. The first chapter holds several verses which pain my soul each time I read them.  Mainly due to the fact I know how the author feels and have also thrown my hands in the air asking "What for".

Chapter 1 says this, beginning in verse 4, "One generation goes and another generation comes, but the earth remains forever. The sun also rises and the sun goes down and hastens to the place where it rises. The wind goes to the south and circles about to the north; it circles and circles about continually, and on its circuit, the wind returns again. All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea …

Winter Night

In the chilly mist I see the hearth fire A place of bliss Sparkle and flame In the frosty night Winter unchained Dense air it holds Frozen and cold Stark moonlit sky Destiny or fate To love or hate The firelight knows A shadow it holds I choose to hope Believe it is real A soul must feel Hope, love, joy Apathy, hate, pain All on a soul stain My breath catches Cold within my lungs Warmed by love unsung Watching the light Flicker in the night Slowly to me it brings Love or hate not known The face I know shows Ice trickles along my spine Whispering a prayer If apathy, please be kind If hate, quickly walk by I will not ask the why Again I will know pain  But if joy, embrace my body If hope, say my name  And if love, kiss my lips