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The stillness, the emptiness, it sings It slides, brushes softly against my skin Separating from the chaos I go within Like a tender lover who discovers anew The places deeply hidden, loving so true Bringing to light what is left in the dark   Shedding light into all places of the heart Cautious with purpose cutting the strings A lover so kind, gaining long lost trust Wiping tears, kissing lifeless words to hush Leaving behind the dusty litter of life Reality blends with my heart's desire Sleepy dreams play through the night Within deep sighs my heart takes flight I feel the silken touch of love's demand He walks slowly to me taking my hand Blue eyes shine, sparkle with laughter I follow his steps into happily ever after Softly he kisses and whispers in my ear Treasure am I, no longer will I fear Hearing sweet truth, I caress his face Silently praying never to leave this place The stillness, the emptiness, it sings Hope and love to

Ticking Clock

The air, it fills my lungs Life passes, essence to essence Where can I go, what can I do Emotion slides, filters through I feel, I bleed, so many in need Grace falls like sweet, misty rain Washing away what was and is Merging together day and night Reaching within, spiritual highs Watching souls about their day Each with their story, a lifetime Mentally separate, spiritually one So much more than what is seen Blended, in one moment undone One cannot love without trust Casting aside the pride of life Making the harshest ego hush Willing hearts reaching past Old hurt, pain, a light to cast So little time to make a mark One small action to bring change The ticking clock never tamed Seeing a soul for its worth Loving just because they are Nothing expected, arms wide The willingness and the heart Saying to all in love "Here am I" The fresh hope of compassion Catch a tear torn from brokenness The air, it fills my lungs Li