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Dear reader, I have for the last few months found myself struggling to put upon the page the revelations I have come into.  So many changes in my life rendered me unable to reign in my scattered thoughts enough to put them in a cohesive form.  I find myself tonight finally finding the internal dialogue flowing and felt I should take advantage of this state as much as possible before it evades me once again.  I ask for your patience as I do my utmost to put before you, my thoughts.  Because, as many rabbit trails as my mind may possess, what follows may seem to you without conclusion or may seem disjointed and without a connection. A new revelation of what it means to be 'unconditional' came to me one afternoon after I read an article concerning judgment.  This article created a new understanding in me concerning the state of being 'unconditional.'  It is this - to be unconditional one must be able to accept all in their present moment as they are without expectation