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Ending Question

After all my musings on the topics of finding the stillness and silence within, addressing the darkness within self and others, how we perceive ourselves and others, stepping outside the boundaries of the internal self and entering the nothingness, and then existing in the between of experiences as the observer and seeing the bigger picture of how we co-create our own lives eventually touching the lives of others, I come face to face with a burning question of the 'why'.  Why do we want to go into the deeper realms of revelation into who we are and why we are here? What is the 'one thing' which pushes us to move into this deeper and higher understanding of our existence?  The catalyst which throws us into the burning tempest of questioning everything and forcing our minute physical brains to connect to our spirit eventually expanding outside of our limited, finite vision of life itself. What creates the burning hunger within to push the boundaries?  To break past th


It is necessary to go through seasons of being separated and set apart from others.  This time alone can allow us to find a deeper place within ourselves to address lessons learned and to step back from wearing our 'everyday' masks for the world.  It is an important season of the deepest reflection. This season can sometimes feel like the desert, dry and torturous; other times it can be like the refreshing rain which brings forth new life.  Either way, it is a time of pruning the soul, taking stock of that which needs to be cut away to allow for new growth to spring forth.  During this time of separation we must show ourselves grace and compassion.  We are walking through this life the best we know how, and in the seasons of learning it is not meant for us to know in advance all things.  If this was indeed the case there would be no need for lessons or forward growth for our souls would already be in a state of perfection. When we are in separation the key is to realize


As she laid at his feet The feel of his knuckles on her cheek No softness was found in his touch This man she loved so much Gathering herself off of the floor He laughed at the scars she bore The tears she cried, now dry Finally having her answer of why She allowed her heart to seal Closed, hard, no longer to feel Walking to the door she put on her coat With an evil grin, he continued to gloat Never believing she would walk away Just like before, he knew she would stay Her back straight, and a glint in her eye She turned to him and said goodbye Never again would she feel this pain She had nothing to lose, everything to gain While he had hit her, she heard her mother's voice "Your life is yours and you make the choice. You can be free and create your dreams, Or you can let life beat you down until you scream. Love yourself and find your worth within.  You have the key to your happiness, not men. Remember you hold the re

You and Me

I lay beneath the sun, gazing at a cobalt blue sky Watching the white clouds leisurely trickle by Closing my eyes, the sounds of nature surround me  The song of the birds and the buzzing of the bees I hear the leaves softly whispering for the wind Nowhere to be or to rush, keeping the day from its end Lost in bliss I can only remember your kiss Not enough time it seemed, our date ended too soon You walked me home, kissed me in the light of the moon Smiling to myself, I catch my lip between my teeth Tomorrow is today now, the promise of you to see I remember when my skies were gray and dark You came along and turned a light on in my heart I finally found someone who looks beyond what they see If feels good to open the doors, share secrets, be me Our skeletons fell out of the closet, nothing to hide So much the same, we laughed till we cried Heaving a joy filled sigh, I feel so beautifully free I can't wait to b

The Young Man and the Blind Man

A young man disillusioned with his life Depressed, his world filled with hatred and strife Went out one day into the rain Looking for a way to end his pain Walking along a lone, empty path He passed an old man begging for cash The young man thought it strange But none the less, dug in his pocket for change Dropping his coins into the man's tin can Suddenly the old man reached out Grabbing the young man's hand "Have pity and mercy upon me. I am blind and cannot see."   The young man was startled, jerking away "I gave you my coins, what more do you want? Leave me alone, let me be on my way." The old man hung his head in despair "I am tired of those who do not care.  All that I want and wish before I die,  Is for someone to take me upon that mountain high." Pointing towards the forest, to the end of the path Above the tree line the shadow of a mountain was cast The young man shook his head, it