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The Mad Hatter and I

I took my seat among the guest So happy I wore my very best dress The table was set and ready for tea All of us smiled and giggled with glee Nodding our hellos and shaking hands New faces, old faces from all over the land My heart tittered and tripped as I awaited his arrival The queen wasn't happy, she was very tight lipped Butterflies and excitement filled my stomach with a rush Just the thought of him, and I began to blush  Tea pots filled the table, making sure no one was left out The tea was hot and ready, steam floating from the spouts  Cups and saucers were stacked to the sky With biscuits and cakes balanced just as high His footsteps we heard and His mumbling unclear As he rounded the corner we all began to cheer The Mad Hatter had arrived and the party could start Happiness filled me all the way to my heart You think him insane with no sense and chaotic But within the madness a genius has plotted Stimulating the mind and the

Stepping Outside the Boundaries

Time is the determining factor in this physical existence.  From the moment of conception or creation, until the life energy leaves the vessel time encompasses all.  Only here, in this physical plane does it exist, and in its existence gives the human condition structure. Step outside of time and you meet the eternal. Understanding all energy is perpetual and eternal will help us release the ego's driving need for dominance.  Harmony then follows and the end result is peace.  If mankind as a whole could grasp the understanding that this plane is but a temporary place for the purposes of learning and expanding the spiritual consciousness, the world would be a different place.  It would be a different place because mankind would leave behind the base notions of pride. The ego's need for dominance and the driving pride behind it causes one to focus on the physical plane as the only form of existence and therefore the only determining end.  Allowing the conscious mind to g


Is love in the air In this world of despair My hope, my heart My soul by you is marked The sun rises and I ache The sun sets, I lie awake A dream you are to my soul Hope of heaven, treasures untold I hear your whispers on night breezes The trees sway and dance Branches caressed as it pleases Through my window the tendrils climb Lifting away sleep from my mind I rise sensing your call To the heavens my eyes fall In the vastness of starlight Past the moon and the edge of night You are there and I am here Down my face fall unhindered tears The ache of my heart yearning of my soul If only to have you once more to hold Wrapping my arms about myself My head bows in prayer for help Please do not wake me again like this Only in my dreams your face I may kiss As I sleep, in my dreams we meet The memories of you my heart keeps  Even as my longing soul weeps I lay myself across the windowsill The breeze cools, calms My flushed body knee


It is the caress of language across the tongue The sliding of syllables past lips The friction between heart and logic It is the grey cells sparking with imagination And the soul's expression of being It is the statement of present And culmination of past It is formation of merged concepts And the explanation of opposites It is written, spoken, danced and sung It is enveloped in the silence Heard or dismissed It is a lamp in the darkness And darkness in the light It is touch, sight, sound and smell And the wholeness of absence It is individual to everyone And to everyone inclusive It is in opposites And in sameness It is beyond what is seen Longed for by the eyes And in being seen Released by ambition It is the unchained And the bound It is the unknown And it is the creation It is to each their own Possessed by no one It is unto itself And settles whither it pleases It is the whisper in the ear of the soul The flame

The Game

Flicker, flame Tell me your name In the shadows  Past the candles light My reason, my rhyme Quickly, quickly We're running out of time I know you are there I hear you breathing We must hurry the coach is leaving This game we play Needs save for another day To have you I forfeit I gladly concede Your arms, your kiss  My soul and body needs Quickly now I hear the clatter of hooves The moon is high And the night owls fly Come my love  Away from the dark Enough of our foolish lark I cannot leave without you Tell me your name And together we end this game You sigh at me in frustration I stamp my foot in resignation Time is spent and I will leave Taking with me the candle And the light it weaves I hear your deep chuckle Thinking you have won Knowing my heart has come undone Into the hall you begin the chase While conjuring a plan I make haste Through the window the moon light shines The candle standing alone you f