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The dawn burst across the sky Blazing ribbons of beauty I see Dew upon the grass and trees Softly the mist hangs in the air Casting off the tendrils of the night Birds from their nest take flight
I walk towards the rising sun Gentle breeze against my skin The smell of earth and nature Filling my senses and lungs Fingertips brush the tall grass Hope filling my heart at last
The dew wet upon my feet Flowers dance in the wind Swaying to Earth’s heartbeat The heavy fragrance of life Beauty swells, a crescendo Bursting forth from the light
Raising my face to the sky All the pain I know now why To you my path has taken me You, my other half of soul The ache of lifetimes merge A dream you were, now to hold
In the distance I see your form Time slows within my sight I watch in awe as you move Blurred within the light I hear the Earth move and sigh At last my love, you at my side
Together slowly we move Each to the other, one path In the light, no darkness to see Time bends and sways before us Culmination of all we’ve known R…


A vessel to Earth He became Healing the blind, deaf and lame Ridiculed and bearing man's hate Undaunted and facing His fate Friend to the outcast and the lost Embracing all, knowing the cost A heart for man, more than words Most calling Him mad and absurd Hearing our spirit's cry for release Upon the hearts of those that sleep Giving hope, peace, love so deep Sent here from the Father above A vessel pure, right, full of love Bringing man back into the light Spiritual eyes opened with sight Vessel of love, mercy and grace Souls to live beyond this place Safety, sacrifice and bearing up Drinking from death's dark cup Upon the tree His life did soak Stripping away death's dark cloak All for us, to know and to see How deep grace and love can be Precious soul, a heart to claim Taking away suffering and shame Bearing the witness, a love so true Knowing His vessel died for you


Cast me upon the waters Toss me to the wind I am never seen Into the ether I spin But hold such power Woman, child and men
I curve about the mountains And settle in the streams I run across the plains And climb the forest trees I dance in flowered meadows And dive into the seas
I seep into universe Gliding among the stars I move about in silence Sliding in between creations Caressing the unseen And witnessing the start
I have the power to maim To heal, create and drive insane I am easily remembered And even more so forgotten I hold the power to feed I am the catalyst of change
I can be idle or overwrought Never touched, held or caught I can bind the strongest human And be a hopeless, dark cell I can pierce the thickest armor Casting the shadow of hell
I can fill everything with love Giving hope, peace and light I can embrace, giving warmth Making laughter, smiles, friends I create bonds of the heart Love that last to the end
I am your words That which you speak Use me wisely each day …

Empty Mind

Understanding the mind is the avenue which binding and constricting chains are created, is the first step to inner freedom.  It is truly a Matrix moment when one moves into this understanding. However, we are not bound without knowledge as Neo was, for we have knowingly created our own prison. Through all circumstances, daily living and all the choices we make, we create the atmosphere and condition of mind.

It is in the release of what we think we know, the separation from previous conditioning, to allow ourselves to see the whole of all within.  Unfortunately, cleaning house, or tearing down of the walls and constructs we have devised to protect us from without, causes such pain and turmoil we quit before we can see the light.  It is difficult and hard to admit our state of being, a state of mind and condition of life, is our own responsibility.  So much are we used to pointing to our neighbor, brother, sister, mother, father, friend saying, "My life is YOUR fault, not mine. It…

The Well

A lost soul fell  Down a dark well Raking the walls Clawing for life Weeping, crying Reaching for light
Dank air to breathe Dark waters lap  Swirling the knees Trapped and cold Filled with fear Sad, tortured soul
Release of present Freedom of thought Binding shell rent Expanding, creating Flowing, merging Soaring on the wind
Understanding all Connection as one Nothing to fear Spirit to spirit Each soul's call
Feet firmly planted Back on the ground Spinning in circles No well is found A creation of chains Creation of fear Now understanding Shouting for all to hear
Do not be bound Do not be afraid Creating the well Free the mind Free the soul Out of the darkness Shattering the hold
Power lies within Lighting the way Reaching, dreaming Dawning of the day Always love and peace To show the way

S. Kumari | Secret Lake | Source

She Weeps

She creaks and groans Filling the universe with her moans Gasping, shuddering whispering sighs Upon her we go about with our lives
Ages and eons beyond what we are Her sound reaches the distant stars They weep for her anguish They sing of her pain While we in ignorance Dance upon her in the rain
She cries out to us for help Shows us with gaping wounds How we as the invader Ignorant and full of pride Lead her closer to her doom
Her once plush forest and grassy plains The dense jungles drenched in misty rain Now scars of ash, cracked skin and desert Her crisp rivers, lakes, and blue oceans Life filled ponds and deep spring wells Now filled with chemicals, trash and rusting shells
The universe is witness to her horrid demise  Watching her slow, torturous death  Listening to the gasping, savaged cries From her rape there is no relief Across her face the scars run deep
We, the human are her captor  Savage against her beauty No longer standing in awe or rapture Tearing asunder her life fil…

Wandering To You

The universe peeks in, Earth spins Sun rises, falls and breaks free the moon Life merges, each blending through I stand still, listening, searching for you Are you in the wind or in the rain I feel your absence in my heart's pain I look for you in the sunrise And I pray for you at sunset Hope beats hard within my chest Dusty roads traveled, sometimes concrete Always moving on, rarely to sleep Are you in the homeless man Or are you in the ivory towers I look for you in winter's white coat And in spring's flowers I look for you in summer's stormy showers And in fall's brisk winds and shedding leaves Universe shows because it knows The perfect timing it weaves Are you in the ocean's waves Or in the jungle caves Waterfalls crashing into the rocks Carving its path across in force Just as this I will not alter my course I freely fall into the abyss To move by force as I wish Step by step I move to you Believing the way, the path I take Must be filled with purpose an…


Nothingness. What does it mean?  When you hear someone refer to it, what do you think?   Does it mean loss or something dark?  Or, does it fill you with comfort and peace?  It means something different for everyone.  Understanding what being in nothingness means to us reveals a lot about our state of being in this life.

Nothingness is essentially 'being' in neutrality.  It is the purest state of being neutral one can attain.  It is a place which holds nothing definitive in its nature.  It is neither right nor wrong, positive nor negative, nor does it hold the application of humanness.  It is a place where one can be, removing all attachments, emotions, doctrines, theologies, judgments, belief systems and most importantly ego.  It is a place which is specified by the absence of all things.  It is a complete state of emptiness.

Being in nothingness allows the soul to view the human existence from the place of the observer. This state holds no application of the human existence p…

Expansiveness Without Expectation

We are a creation driven by the requirement of action.  Meaning, it is hard to be still and quiet.  From the time we are born, by our actions, we learn, and also learn by watching the actions of others.  We are rarely taught to go within and be still.  To listen to the silence and be calm.  Our minds are on the hamster wheel of life being constantly bombarded by daily activities whether it be work or play.  We have television, computers, games, social media, and music all of which is compounded through social interaction via work, school, friends, and family.

We are in constant motion.  Our minds whirring about constantly processing everything we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel emotionally.  In all of this silence is lost.  The stillness is relegated to the corner for later when in moments of fear and panic we reach out in prayer and supplication for answers.  Unfortunately, because we have trained ourselves to do the opposite of being still and be in silence, we find it hard …