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Silence In the Rain

Misty dreams, drops of rain Slowly slide down a window pane Wistful visions through the glass Blurred and colored moving fast The tracks beneath break the sound Thunder and lightning all around Watching the trails, tears from a cloud Mental pictures, not speaking out loud Rhythm, beat, sound beneath my feet The heart understands, secrets to keep Solace in the rain and the vision it makes Peace in the sound and hope it wakes Watching the trails slide through the light Relaxing, if just for a short respite Matching the lines with a fingertip Whispered words of love cross the lips Washing away the doubt of the day Beginning again with a fresh start Hope blooms in a rain washed heart Breaking through the heavy clouds Words to say boldly, finally out loud The tracks end, a destination reached Releasing breath no more secrets to keep Stepping out into the rain, face to the sky Muffled conversations of passers by Misty dreams, drops of rain i

Nameless Soul

Forged in hell a soul am I Come, sit with me awhile To tell my story of shame A soul which bears no name Monster created with one touch This of me, hated so much Innocence taken at the toll of the bell Told not to cry and never to tell Once trusting and loving with all Now in prison with bars of pain Bearing scars never to tame Only the darkness can be my friend Hiding away my suffering, the sin Bearing the mark of the one who kills Innocence known now sealed away Try to hide, get through the day Praying for release from the pain Asking the healer to give me my name Behind these walls I waste away Daily living is the price I pay Knowing inside no fault I bear No one believes, no one cares Young, innocent, trusting and pure Stained and ugly of this I am sure Look not upon me too closely I pray Crouched in the darkness, hiding away Hideous, wretched, a monster you find A fearful child, broken, frozen in time With each breath I wond


The phone rings, heart jumps Lost words on my lips Whispers in my mind Long lost, days passed Memories hang like smoke Without you is my normal Does the sun shine Or the moon light the night These things I no longer see Just enough to get through my day Muffled voices ask if I am ok Time moves without me in it Gray shades in everything Color left my life cold The day you walked away I will survive, I always do Once I find the long way  The road you burned over time Following the ashes back to me Every day I move closer to her   Wiping tears, holding me tight Loving me for not giving in Helping find the reason to it all One day I will be myself again You being the dark memory Lesson learned, the test I passed And strength will hold my heart The light will shine inside My heart will be healed Holding more than dreams Love will replace the pain  Life is beautiful because I dream The ashes you left are fertile g


Cadence, the pace and beat Path solid beneath my feet Listening to its sound Rhythm against the ground Steady focus, breathing in All around begins to blend Mind over body, breathing slow Heartbeat steady, energy flows Setting the goal, pushing through Pain, won't give in, I refuse Putting mind into another space Releasing myself from this place Pent up stress, frustration of life Breaking away from the strife Cadence sings and takes me away Brings me peace for another day No matter how far, or how long With each step, I am strong Body craves, muscles need Positive action I must feed Life happens, interrupts, its ok Pick up, back on point another day Embracing me, learning to love Healthy, solid, endorphin floods Another corner, street and mile Slowly, my heart begins to smile Leaving the darkness far behind  Depths of mind, peace I find Cadence, the sound and beat Path solid beneath my feet Back at the start, slow the pa


I can hear it, can you The between holding truth It is not silence nor sound The place that is unbound Multiple planes and alternate spaces All the same but different places Each holding its own destiny and end One soul, many versions to begin Learning of the whole, spaces undone The culmination of all back into one Teaching what is needed to expand the soul The opposite of absence, the filling of holes Conscious of one space, present in the now Finding the way back to the whole somehow The path in each pattern, space and plane Hope sometimes withers in vain Understanding this is not the total of all Connecting each plane, hearing the soul's call Valuable learning, accepting each their own Understanding and knowledge to sharpen and hone Embracing the possibilities and adventures unseen What we see is not all there is, this one plane we cling Seeking our freedom of soul, heart and mind The between, it is there what we have los

Twin Flame

Sailing upon the vast and open seas You cast your sails to western winds Upon the majestic waves you rest Into the depths life unseen spins Each morning you see the sun rise The night moon shines in your eyes Peace you find upon the waters Freedom of soul, rest for your mind You are forever in my dreams The words of love in my prayers Each night I lay and tears fall If only you could hear my heart's call As your vessel moves upon the waters Gliding with purpose and passion of soul In my dreams we two meet the same Falling together, whispering each other's name My love pierces the darkness It is the light you see in the moon And the warmth you feel in the sun It is the caress of the wind upon your face Look to the shores and see my light Let your soul remember me once more The aching of my soul I can no longer bare Separation of lifetimes, wanting this one to share Are you there or only in my dreams Have I misunderst