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Butterflies and Turtles

I have been contemplating for awhile how as children we begin our existence in this physical realm. We start our lives in many different states of being, positive or negative.  The circumstances we are conceived and born into help to shape who we become.  As a soul, we are here to evolve and expand the consciousness, becoming aware, awakening to the understanding of our true identity. We are more than just flesh and bone; we are eternal. There is a time in our lives where we are in a situation or circumstance which pushes us to analyze the beliefs we hold.  It may be in any moment of conflict or peace.  In such moments we view our convictions and beliefs from an objective view, allowing understanding to teach us their full context in our lives.  These moments are the process of awakening. When we are born into this physical realm, we have a sleeping spirituality.  Meaning, until we are 'awakened' to understand we are more than flesh, the spiritual aspect of who we are lies