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Battle's End

Sunlight flutters and presses through the stained glass windows up high Dust dances within the light like the sprinkling of snow so white I stand in the hollow core of the church I once called my home Silence reigns down upon me, whispers of sacred prayers once sown Filling the emptiness, memories of worship echo through my mind Once I believed the holy purity of faith, but my soul ran out of time I listen for forgiveness, the sound of love, of heaven and truth so pure The darkness begins to fall upon this empty heart of which there is no cure From archway to pillar, from the altar up to the holy cross, I see only pain For many moons ago the enemy invaded and my weary soul he claimed In the hollow sounds of emptiness, there is no priest to pray once again for me There are no prayers to say to a heaven gone silent, the demons no longer flee Slowly the light fades from the sky taking the kaleidoscope of colors from my eyes I am weary of the battle within and wi