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Stories In My Head

There are so many ways, wording, the reiteration of certain well-known phrases, or even phrases I have created myself, where I attempt to bring my self-growth to the page.   When I write, I always wonder, "Does this matter?  All has been contemplated by someone, then written or spoken, and most everything so more eloquently than I. What could I possibly add to make another think, feel or be on a deeper level? "  In the attempt to place upon the page the recesses of my contemplations, I struggle against the internal critique who tells me it all is for naught. What could I possibly say which would surpass the surface level of communication with the outer world and bring a deeper meaning?  I realize my path is not to do as others before have done, nor is it to just rewrite (or say) those things which have already been spun a thousand different ways already.  My path is to share my perspective and understanding of those revelations which have helped push me to know myself better