Turn the Page

Time in a bottle, that's what they say
Take a hammer and shatter the glass
Real love and truth is all that I ask
Looking at you I see the pain
Sitting there as it begins to rain
Lost in your thoughts so far away
My heart breaks for you and I don't know what to say
No words I could speak would make things change
You choose to stay there bound in the chains
But what you don't know is the love I hold
I want to reach out and hold your hand so cold
I want to tell you it's all going to be okay
The sun will rise, beautiful, free, a brand new day
But because you close your heart, seal it tight
After all we've been through I don't have the strength to fight
Both of us are weary of the struggle, our souls tired
Day in and day out caught deep in the mire
What you need to hear is that I don't care
The storms can beat me down as long as you are there
If it takes all of my days, my forever, I'll show
In this lifetime there is only one thing I know
You are enough, perfect just the way you are
The good and the bad, the beauty and the scars
Even now with you so far away
Lost in your pain by your side I choose to stay
When you come back to me, to the now
In my eyes, you will see we will make it somehow
I love you and I hope you love me
After all this time together we can be free
Both of us taking off the chains of heartbreak
I won't walk away because I know what's at stake
Only once in a lifetime can we find something like this
Love is real, we feel it every time we kiss
The rain it washes and my tears fall into my empty hands
In the breath of a moment, I pray not to lose us, one more chance
I close my eyes and try to breathe
This heartache won't win because I'll never leave
Turning to you with my voice caught in my throat
You're looking at me with eyes full of love, on a sob, I broke
Arms wrapped around me, you whisper in my ear
We can do this, we always have, I'll never leave you and I'm here
A love that washes away all the fear and the chains
Together we can make it, we can face this pain
Sitting there holding each other while life around us raged
Our love grew stronger and helped us find the strength to turn another page


I Spent My Life For You © | Martin Waldbauer | Source


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