Butterflies and Turtles

I have been contemplating for awhile how as children we begin our existence in this physical realm. We start our lives in many different states of being, positive or negative.  The circumstances we are conceived and born into help to shape who we become.  As a soul, we are here to evolve and expand the consciousness, becoming aware, awakening to the understanding of our true identity. We are more than just flesh and bone; we are eternal.

There is a time in our lives where we are in a situation or circumstance which pushes us to analyze the beliefs we hold.  It may be in any moment of conflict or peace.  In such moments we view our convictions and beliefs from an objective view, allowing understanding to teach us their full context in our lives.  These moments are the process of awakening.

When we are born into this physical realm, we have a sleeping spirituality.  Meaning, until we are 'awakened' to understand we are more than flesh, the spiritual aspect of who we are lies dormant.  As we walk through life the learning situations we find ourselves in slowly feed awareness into this area. Each situation is different for everyone, and although we can relate to each other, we all are individual in our path and enlightenment.

We are born with an awareness which can either be nurtured or repressed.  This awareness is like a flashlight in this world and the meaning of it for our evolvement as a soul.  We all, no matter how old we are, have this place within us where the child resides.  It is here the purest trust, imagination, creation, understanding and innocence lies.  It is the area meant to keep us grounded in the Divine.  The child within is a vital and critical part of the soul.   Unfortunately, for some of us, this child is never allowed to do its part in our development, which is to remind us of our connection to the whole.

Children are naturally trusting, curious, expressive, highly intuitive, loving, accepting and all things active. Some souls are born dark, but I believe those who are born this way have their purpose as well. Remember, to understand the light we must also understand the darkness.  Both are necessary.  I believe part of our evolvement begins within the womb.  The actions, emotions, and thoughts of our mothers initiate the process of either positive or negative.  If one goes back to the life of the mother while she is pregnant, one can identify circumstances in her life which transferred to the infant in utero.  Energy, thoughts, emotions, hormones, nutrition and overall wellbeing are all a part of the transference from mother to child.  Once born, the process continues through the transference of beliefs the parents hold. Sometimes it takes the reprogramming and the undoing of the first part of our lives to unlock our soul's destiny, our purpose of existence in this life.

The life stage of infancy and early childhood either nourishes the soul or stunts it.  We are set free to expand in all areas, or repressed.  Curiosity leads to creativity, leads to expansive learning, leads to deep understanding and knowledge, leads to the application of the enlightenment, which ultimately leads to a richer evolvement. The unconditional love of self and others leads to trust, leads to the acceptance of self and others, leads to embracing humanity as a whole, leads to the understanding all things are connected, which leads to a life of peace with self and others.  However, the exact opposite can take place for some.  We, through our early experiences as children, grow to be butterflies or turtles.

Like butterflies we go through a metamorphosis, experiencing life with all it's positive and adverse circumstances. Growing into the expansiveness of who we are as a soul and the purpose behind our existence. But, like turtles in a shell, our growth can be repressed by restrictions.  Being a turtle is not a detriment to the soul, it is only a place of slow development. Both states offer to us what we need to evolve. Understanding each state provides the opportunity for enrichment and the lessons necessary to push us into the next level of expansiveness. We are eternal beings; we are here to learn regardless of how we begin.

In the process of our evolvement, the beliefs we come to identify with can either be those we 'take on' from others or those we come into on our own.  Our parents are part of this process.  We learn from them as they did theirs.  Sometimes we outgrow the things we learned and sometimes we adhere to those systems of belief throughout our lives, each holding its importance. No single path is the same for everyone.  The important thing to understand is as long as the beliefs we hold are true to our inner self they are viable.  As we grow into a deeper understanding and knowledge of ourselves, we can begin to dissect the beliefs we hold, adopting them or removing them from our life.  It is up to us to seek the truth in everything we experience.  We will all come to a place in life where we will have to face a mirror and determine is this me or a created illusion.

Standing in a place of realization about our core self can be exhilarating or scary.  Sometimes it is as if the rug has been pulled from underneath us when we come to what we had believed to be a solid foundation turns out to be merely a loosely held together puzzle of this and that.  If we are willing to tear away the foundation, keeping only that which is truest to our core self, we can then begin to build a place where the soul can expand awareness uninhibited.  The beginning starts with a simple question, "Is this mine or is this someone else's?" Search, test and search again.  What is truth for ourselves is not always truth for another; it is not up to us to determine how others should be.  It is only within our control to stand before the mirror and search for ourselves what is truth and what is the illusion.

We are both the butterfly and the turtle, and how we begin and end is the key.  The child within us all holds the light of understanding.  Seeing the inner child as the doorway instead of the block can aid us in our development.  Pure trust, love, and creativity can be the greatest catalyst we could have.  In our early development, sometimes we are not given a choice to be the butterfly or the turtle, but when we finally come into a place of revelation, we do have that choice.

Either state we choose to be in holds for us deep wells of knowledge pushing us to evolve.  It is embracing both states of being through the process, the metamorphosis or hiding in a shell.  Being the butterfly or the turtle is, in the end, our choice.

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