Wisdom From My Tea

We all go through times in our lives when we feel unloved, disconnected from everyone around us, alone.  The loneliness which accompanies such a state of being is far beyond mere heart pain, it rends the soul open.  It flays the skin of emotions and reasoning.  It causes us to question why we are even here if we cannot be loved. Are we not meant for something more than loneliness?  Will we always be alone in the sun, in the rain?  Will we forever walk our path with no one to hold our hand, or wrap us up tight in an embrace that squeezes the breath from our lungs?  Will our soul only know the void of emptiness and silence without reciprocation?  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we give so much of ourselves without expectation, but deep down there is a whisper of the soul saying, "Love me please."

The love we seek isn't necessarily romantic in nature, it is a love filled with acceptance, joy because we exist, because we breathe and because we are here in this lifetime.  Love from another, filled with gratefulness that they are experiencing us, sharing in who we are in our fullness of being.  We seek a love which transcends all things, carrying us into other realms and places beyond what we now know. Love that can push aside the fear of abandonment, bringing us into a deeper knowledge of ourselves and others.  The soul cries out to give love, but it also cries to receive it as well.

Today my tea held wisdom for me.  The tag contained words which made me contemplate my soul's cry.  It said, "You do not need love, you are the love."  These words made me pause, and I began to ponder.  If we exist in a constant state of love, do we actually need it?  Can we be for ourselves the love we desire from others?  Is it possible to be in a state of love so completely that we fulfill ourselves?  In doing so, would this mean then that we could release the loneliness attached to loving others without expectation?   The answer is yes, we can.  We are BE-ings of love, the embodiment of it.  Connections with others compliment that love, and when we are in our sovereignty we do not 'need' love, we simply recognize that part of ourselves in others.  We are connecting to the love in others, and this connection of love creates a fulfillment within ourselves.

So how does this address the loneliness we can sometimes feel?  The times when we spiral down into the abyss of separation and disconnection from others?  What does such a state reveal about ourselves?  The first thing we need to realize is the loneliness comes from an attachment to the outcome.  When we give love, sometimes we believe we do not hold expectations, but if there is the feeling of loneliness, it is an indicator that we actually do.  If we are truly whole and complete within ourselves, we will not get lost in the attachment.

By BE-ing in a sovereign state, we can navigate the connections we have with others without dipping down into despair.  If this happens, it tells us there is something within which needs our attention for healing.  We ought not ever be outside of our sovereign state of being, the state which holds our true self that does not need the approval from any outside source.  Our paths in life lead us to this place of sovereignty. It can take many paths and many years to reach it, but once there we find balance and peace within.

During our learning and growth, we will observe others disconnecting from us and those whom we 'outgrow.' Because of our growth, our vibration changes and we begin to resonate at a higher frequency.  By reaching our state of sovereignty, we attract those who enhance our lives naturally.  It is within this natural connection we find a perpetual reciprocation because both are in a sovereign state. This affirms not only the self but the other as well.  There is not a 'giving' and 'taking' between two who are in their sovereignty, it is a natural flow between two points.  If we find there is a checklist of giving and receiving, then it shows we have an attachment to expectations we have set. These expectations are what lead us to the feelings of loneliness and emptiness. Finding ourselves in such a state of being shows we are not standing in our sovereignty, and we need to do some introspection to find the root reason.  Usually, we will find a story attached to the feelings we have. Stories such as, "I am not enough" or "I am unlovable."  Stories either we have created or have allowed others to create within us.

By standing in our authentic self, we begin to answer all of our own questions, needs, and desires. We fulfill ourselves in acceptance and love.  We become full of joy because we breathe, exist, and we can experience genuine moments within this lifetime.  We can stand in the sun and the rain alone, but perfectly connected to all.  The love we experience transcends all, taking us to other realms and planes of being because it is part of the whole. It holds no boundaries and sets us free.  Understanding by Be-ing in our authentic self we are not seeking love, we are looking for the connection.  It is in the connection the flow happens.  That glorious, magnificent, rawly honest and beautiful place two souls become one and vibe.

I found wisdom in my tea today.  I realized I need introspection and healing.  Because I desire connections of truth, honesty, and love, I have to find the story books within and rewrite the words they hold.  I must step back into my sovereignty.

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