Battle's End

Sunlight flutters and presses through the stained glass windows up high
Dust dances within the light like the sprinkling of snow so white
I stand in the hollow core of the church I once called my home
Silence reigns down upon me, whispers of sacred prayers once sown
Filling the emptiness, memories of worship echo through my mind
Once I believed the holy purity of faith, but my soul ran out of time
I listen for forgiveness, the sound of love, of heaven and truth so pure
The darkness begins to fall upon this empty heart of which there is no cure
From archway to pillar, from the altar up to the holy cross, I see only pain
For many moons ago the enemy invaded and my weary soul he claimed
In the hollow sounds of emptiness, there is no priest to pray once again for me
There are no prayers to say to a heaven gone silent, the demons no longer flee
Slowly the light fades from the sky taking the kaleidoscope of colors from my eyes
I am weary of the battle within and without, my sword hangs limply at my side
My breath comes in shallow gasps and blood slowly pools beneath my feet
Tired from many battles, belief in the light my broken heart does not keep
Shuddering with resignation, I hang my head and kneel upon the ancient stones
No more will or fight left within, my soul is now ready to face a bitter hell alone
Hardened by death and the chaos of man, long it had been since tears fell from my eyes
Even now in the final hour as I sip upon life, in my last breath they are still bone dry
I wait for the darkness to cover and blanket me with its deathly chill 
The demons howl, pacing outside the lofty sanctuary gates, me they wish to kill
Death will meet me first and finally take my dark soul into eternity to reside
There will be no light, no peace, nor a place for my scarred soul to hide
As the last rays of sunlight fade from the air, and the demons fade away in my ears
The sword fell from my grasp as I raised my face up to look at death without fear
Standing before me was a priest of my youth, tears of compassion running down his face
Placing his hands upon my head, he told me I was wrong in the sealing of my fate
It was my sacrifice against the darkness and the willingness to fight alone
Here in this place the prayers for mankind and the awakening had been sown
But simple prayers are not enough, we all must believe in the value of our soul
I was never dark or lost upon the battle's path, I fulfilled a destiny only I could hold
Finally understanding I had been keeping the darkness at bay not within, I began to weep
In my last breath, I looked upon grace and felt the love within fill me with peace
The silence in the hollow core of the church held the breath of only one
No others were seen, but the dust and ancient whispers of prayers in the air hung
Within the old sanctuary, a warrior laid upon the cracked and broken stones
Now resting and at peace, a broken soul could finally make its way home

(2017 ©)

Ash Without Fire | by Artstation | Source


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