The Infinite Soul

We cannot squeeze into one lifetime, the whole,
The infinite expansion of the soul.
Each lifetime we find, in the end, ultimately is made waste.
Lifetime after lifetime we live and learn only to forget
The love, the joy, the suffering, and the pain
Only to return to do it all once again.
To remember the lifetimes before
The choices we make, the paths we take
So many times of death, we partake.
Every experience, every breath leaves us one last step.
We step towards each other, or do we step apart.
To strip it all away, to love, to live.
Each day we seize with a double fist.
Holding tight the day, the night.
Fleeting moments, in the end, only to say I want to begin.
The flicker of death, the glimmer of light, to touch, to feel
So many days on the clock, we find, in the end, surreal.
We begin life with a cry and end with a tear.
Those left behind, the ones we hold dear.
Too many lifetimes, too much fear, each a doorway
With every turn of the key, every tick of the clock.
Every word of the tongue, every thought, and action
One step closer the end and the breath
To live, to leave our life at its best
Too many choices, too many paths, too many turns
Living a lifetime is only the start.
The evolution of the soul begins in the heart.
Open the door by turning the key.
From one existence to the other, like crossing the sea
A first breath or last, it is how we begin.
The soul, eternal, there is never an end.
We cannot squeeze into a lifetime, the whole,
The infinite expansion of the soul.


Triple Portrait of E. © | 2014 | Sophie Kahn Artist


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