Find Someone

"Find someone to sit with you. To see this world, this life", he said to me.  "Find someone to sit with you and help you see the beauty again.  Because sometimes our eyes become clouded with the tears, the pain and the heartache.  Find someone to sit with you and wipe away those tears. To help heal the pain and ease your heartache.  It won't be easy, but if you try you might be surprised."
(2013 ©)

Life is about relationships.  The pings of one soul off another in the great pond of life.  Ripples flowing back and forth. All in one, each affecting the other in some form.  The ripples you give out will return to you.  They will return gently or violently.  Sometimes you have to move to another part of the pond if the ripples which affect you are not in tune with who you are.  This is perfectly normal and fine.  But, it is your responsibility to determine this and then to make the move.  Your life is yours.  Own it.  Make the relationships count.  Not just surface fluff, but the deep dirty and gritty reality of who you are. Be real. Be true. 

 Find Someone

Dancing flame, flickering light
I focus my will on you tonight
In this place of space and change
Learning this lesson my soul claims
Around the mountain too many times
With new understanding I begin to shine
The spirit within dances about
Just like a child I giggle and shout
All new faces, sister, brother, friend
I pray this new path never to end
Trusting in their love for me
Light shines breaking chains of fear
As love unconditional draws others near
(2012 ©)


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