In a world full of useless noise it is hard to find one's voice.  In the past I have spoken to many who have told me to write and share. When I am face to face with a person, or a few, I do fine. It is in the great expanse of the sea of people I find myself at a loss. Many can shout, or even scream, and be heard. I whisper. My convictions are just a strong, and I wish to be heard just as much. But I whisper.  Thus, I find myself better in one on one situations.  For me it is easier to listen, to look deep into the eyes and find the hidden parts of the soul.  Easier to focus on the person, not the noise.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy sitting in a busy place and people watch.  Human nature is so fascinating.  The whys behind decisions made, or the plays of emotion within each connection. Everything is a story. Everyone has a story to tell. Life is a story.  We are only here for such a short amount of time. It is in the human nature to squeeze, to experience it all somehow and in some way.  More often times than not we choose our paths. Sometimes they are chosen for us, but at some point understanding, knowledge and independence wins out enough for us to choose this way or that.  Even in the darkness, choice.  In the light, choice.  The spirit rising up within to say, "I choose".  And, in the end when we grasp onto the strength within to finally understand, the "I am". 


Words already spoken
Time past, a mark meant to last
I see, I say
I bend and pray
Only to find the end of day
Expression of joy, expression of pain
Empty canvas, empty page
Trying to find the ink to stain
No way in, no way out
 All of this inside I scream and shout
What do I do
Where do I go
Breaking the dam on rivers to flow
Expression of soul
Expression of mind
No way out, I'm still blind
Create within a song to sing
Hope for others, a wish to bring
Lifeless hands and voice have I
Fall to my knees, I begin to cry
Why have this if never to share
Reaching past boundaries in weak despair
Find a way, a path there must be
Somehow, someway for this love inside of me

(2012 ©)


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