The Trap of Judgement

Across the globe tonight each human soul is living out heaven or hell, or maybe a little bit of both.  Can you imagine hundreds of years ago when the only communication with a loved one was a written letter?  Months if not years would go by between exchanges of information.  Especially for those with family across continents.   Many would never hear from family or friends again once they left to go abroad.

Tonight we have all heard of the news concerning Texas and the horrendously weird weather devastating our nation.  In other countries there is war.  I have seen several posts on Facebook by others stating, if you have problems don't post them here.  Or, we don't want to know every tit-n-tittle about your life.  It seems to me more people have issues with hearing the bad of everyday life versus the ok, or good.  Meaning, if someone is constantly posting happy, joyous and a bouncy bubble filled life, everything is gravy.  But, let this person post that life has turned ugly and they post details, all of a sudden they are demonized.  Why?  In my opinion, do not place upon others your standards and expectations which you apply to your own life.  We are all different.

There is a vicious trap we seem to set for ourselves without even realizing it.  It is called the trap of judgment.  Now, more so than ever, we are viewers of a vast stage showcasing life in real time.  We pop our popcorn, kick back and watch the lives of other people unfold before us.  We get to see the ugly and the good.  Then we are encouraged to give opinions and critique those we view.  It is a subtle trap but a very good one.   In giving our critique or opinion about the life of another soul we have stepped into judgment.  We have vomited out how we would or would not do thus and such.  Or, we would have done it this way or that.  Or, we would NEVER do such a thing or act such a way.  However, did we stop and think if we had the whole story?   Do we know the circumstances surrounding the person's life?   When did we as a society become the great judge of all others?  Jesus said, "Judge not lest ye be judged" ~ Matthew 7:1.  We judge and we don't even realize it is what we are doing anymore because the world is now on the open stage.  Even so, we are not privy to the thoughts and inner workings of a human heart.  Only God is.

We view the world's stage as an escape from our own existence at times, and in doing so can forget the vapid condition it is in.  The trap is set and we take the bait, hook-line-and-sinker.  What we need to remember is there is a high price to pay for judgment.  Karma, or even the spiritual law of sowing and reaping, will always find a way to our door.  They do not show favoritism to anyone.  In their hand, they hold the bill that is owed, and it must be paid.  Payment may not be in the form or fashion to which the bill was created, but it will still be a payment.  Because of the stage we wrongly believe we know everything.  In reality, we know very little.  I think it is only in those rare moments of real human interaction truth is revealed.  Be kind, be compassionate and be gentle if correction is necessary.  Remember, we all walk through lessons in this life.  We all need kindness.
The trap of judgement is quite small
But into it we all seem to jump or fall
Not knowing the truth of whom we speak
Not understanding if they are strong or weak
Be careful how words are stated
Be careful how actions are created
 For if in the trap we are found
Our turn will one day come around
Karma can be kind or mean as a bitch
By word or deed we determine which


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