This Sea I Sail

Hope has died
Hope has failed
All of this life to no avail
Take my hand and I will show you the pain
In this place a voided plane
A place of nothingness
And place of pain
All of this to sharpen my soul
One dark hole
Where is the reason in all of this
The once promised life of blissfulness
Walking alone a path of despair
A soul of pain quietly waiting for rain
Am I a failure and a mistake, insane
In this life my breath it takes
Show me the way back into the light
In me I have not the hope to fight
Hope has died
Hope has failed
On this sea of pain I sail
Into the moonless night adrift
Waiting and longing for the tide to shift
The sails lay limp upon my soul
Lifeless without the winds of change
Bound to this vessel with chains of pain
Cast about me like a comforting net
The past and present on a path that is set
Before and behind I am now blind
Hope has died
Hope has failed
There is nothing more than this sea I sail



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