2015 Lost My Baggage

Well, well, well here it is, another year. I feel this new year of 2016 will be a year of climax for many.  2015 seemed to be a year of extreme lessons, and the giant push out of the nest by mother universe.  Now, 2016 will be a time to learn how to fly and put into practice all that was learned in the previous year.  Hopefully we can let go of all that is unnecessary for our betterment.  Allow the universe to lose our baggage so to speak in changing flights from 2015 to 2016.  I know I could stand to cut some things loose myself.  I'm sure it will be the moment of truth for many as well as myself this year.  Put up or shut up as they say.  One does not have the right to complain if they are unwilling to change, right?  Taking a deep breath, I'm diving in this year without my floaties.

As the clock struck twelve I received a text
After a hundred or so I was like, "Who could be next?"
Grabbing my phone I pulled up the screen
Only to find the weirdest thing
There in the box it said from 2k15
It was wishing me well and saying goodbye
Feeling my heart squeeze I started to cry
There was just one thing it needed to let me know
After this it really had to go
It had lost my baggage that I had carried around
Somehow it got lost and couldn't be found
It had searched all over but finally gave up
Maybe without it I'd have better luck
I could always complain and demand a return
But why do that when the New Year is clear
No room for clutter and no room for tears
I stood there astounded, not believing my eyes
I didn't have worry, no more baggage attached
2k15 was history and with it my past
I had the all clear, I am ready to go
A new year, new adventures and a whole new flow
Into 2k16 I can't wait to see
A whole new story and a whole new me


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