As an old soul, I know to watch for the signs given.  Small messages left here and there. Today the word I came across over and over was 'simplicity'. Life can become so very complicated if we allow it.  So many things enter our life and take up space between. The space needed by our spirit and soul to grow and expand understanding. These things, or people, absorb our energy on every level.  If we are unable to realize these space violators are unnecessary, we stand to become hollow and lifeless.  Our wells drained dry.

We become dry because there is no space between to fill with refreshing growth.  The expansion of understanding.  The poignancy of this physical existence is the soul learns that which it cannot learn on any other plane.

It is here, and only here the soul experiences the understanding of the simultaneous existence of opposites.  Light and dark.  Love and apathy.  Acceptance and hate.  Joy and sorrow.  To know the loss of that which we hold dear.  The opportunity for a soul to see this life for what it truly is.  Living in the between.  The simplicity the 'between' holds for us helps us in our growth.  It is a break from the growing pains we experience by putting into practice all that we learn.

The space between moments.  That area of existence when the soul wakes and embraces the expansion. The slowing of time between because one comes to understand time does not truly exist.  Time is absent in the 'between'.  We are eternal.  Growing from glory to glory.  Experience to experience. And the understanding that this existence is for growing those moments between.

To stand in the between seeing what is, was and could be.  If this space is taken, we have no room to move.  No room to breathe.  We become lost and robotic in our days.  They run together without meaning and substance.  Then we look back and say, "Where did it all go?"   The between is taken up so it causes our moments to merge together without conscious thought or acknowledgment.  Thus the opportunity for seeing what is between is lost to us.

Have you ever been driving and zoned out?  You start at one point and find yourself at another without remembering anything on the way.  This is the same thing as losing the 'between'.  If you had remained present you would have experienced the 'between' in the moment.  Remaining present allows us to step into the 'between' and truly see what is.  It allows us to put this life in true perspective.  Zoning out is caused by our days being so full we are never truly present.  Our attention is divided so much we absorb nothing.  It is in all reality a hollow existence.  Understand this does not apply to those things which feed the soul.  Our days can be full of a beautiful buffet of soul feeding.  This only applies to that which depletes us.  Unfortunately, there are those of us such as myself who have had to live through a life of depletion and only, in the end, realize it was for naught.

I am old, and I know what it feels like to have lost the space 'between'.  It leads to regret and sense of hopelessness for life.  In this life, I choose to keep the space between clear and free of unnecessary things.  This includes people, thoughts, feelings or actions.  I have found simplicity is vital to the soul just as breathing is to the physical body.  Simplicity is different for everyone.  What it means to me will be different than what is means to you.  It is important to identify what existing in simplicity means for you.  Once it is identified, apply it.

Make life matter.  Open the space between and allow your spirit and soul to expand into the next level. Do not lay down and accept the reality you think you see.  Find the space between and break free.


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