Chaos and Clarity

Chaos and clarity seem on the surface to be two separate states of being.  I believe they are inseparable.  Allow me to explain my reasoning.

When one is in the midst of chaos the sense of being is unwound.  The world is in an upside down position.  Nothing seems to be right or in line with one's direction in life.  The state of reality is warped and disjointed.  The path has become unclear and is scattered with remnants of dreams or goals.  The forward movement has been halted, molehills become mountains and daily task become boulders being pushed up the mountains.  The mind becomes a battlefield between ego and spirit.  Positive and negative thoughts vie for control of the mouth hoping to form action.

When one is in clarity the sense of being is grounded.  The world is righted and everything flows together.  One's path is seen clearly and understanding is abundant.  Insight happens without hindrance allowing one to task efficiently and overcome obstacles with minimal effort.  The mind is quiet, peaceful and the ego becomes a partner with spirit creating effective, positive movement forward.

I pose the two, chaos and clarity, are inseparable in this way.  When one is in chaos clarity forms and in clarity chaos forms.  Without the two intertwining, the soul has the opportunity to become stagnant.  The soul must grow, it must expand and it must absorb enlightenment or it will die.  Chaos forms hope or it can form hopelessness. Clarity in the chaos allows one to grasp either.  Chaos in clarity breaks up the restriction and boundaries one tends to erect while attaining understanding.  In other words, when one learns something there is a tendency to become dogmatic and unbending.  Chaos enters to force the soul to be pliable, thus creating new growth.  Clarity in the midst of chaos allows one to step back and view life objectively instead of subjectively.  One can remove themselves and look into the circumstance from above to see the spider web of connections creating the chaos.  With it, one can remove the unnecessary and effectively create a purposeful outcome.

Chaos and clarity are in essence the yin and yang to each other.  If one can come to understand this, whether they are in chaos or clarity, hope becomes the catalyst for the soul to push forward.  Hope becomes the energy force the soul needs to move into creation.  Now, remember, there will always be positive or negative.  Both are necessary, however, it is one's own choices in every circumstance and situation which creates the outcome.   We are the creators of our own existence.  We have been given all the tools necessary to be successful creators.  Some have a harder road in this life than others and it is necessary to have compassion and empathy, not only for them but ourselves as well.

Whichever state you find yourself in today, embrace it.  Realize it is there for your betterment to push your soul's growth to the next level.  So, let's level up, shall we?


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