We are conduits.  Channeling into the Earth, other people, animals and everything around us.  Did you know because we are conduits we can choose to channel either blessings or curses?  Positive or negative. Thought is cause.  Thoughts give the energy form, focus, power, and direction.  We are meant to be a blessing to others.  That which is channeled into our lives as a blessing is meant to be channeled out to others.  Many stop the blessings being channeled into their lives because they choose to become curses instead.  When we cling to the negative it is negative we create.

Have you ever been somewhere and 'feel' pockets of negativity?  Everyone in the area seems to feed off of each other?  They all complain about the same things, are filled with anger, jealousy, rage and all the negative things you can think of.  Like attracts like.  We all vibrate with energy.  So it stands to reason what you project through thought, word or deed you will attract to you the same.  It is so sad that we have the power within ourselves to literally change the world if everyone would only tune in and start blessing each other.

Make the visualization of a city of people understanding they are beings of energy.  Spirits placed upon this earth to induce change.  All of these people put forth the same positive energy connecting with each other to produce blessings.  Again, a thought is cause.  The creative energy put out reproduces and gains power via other energies it comes into contact with.  This is the reason large groups of people have the potential to produce heightened states of consciousness and emotions, no matter what it is. Excitement, joy, love, anger or hate is increased on an exponential scale.

Here lies the core problem.  People have to believe.  Too many flippantly disregard the idea. Maybe this is because for so many years we have heard over and over again about how we are all connected with not much change to show for it.  What would happen to our world if the majority of mankind came to truly believe, being a conduit, we have the power to create blessings on a massive scale?

If you receive the abundance of a thing no matter what it is would you give the excess of what you have, or would you put it back for a 'rainy day'?   We have been taught to keep to ourselves all that is ours.  Only giving out what we absolutely have to, and it is sometimes done out of a sense of duty or fear.  Even begrudgingly.  Pride is the biggest culprit in stopping us from blessing.  Pride needs a serious time out I do believe.  Don't you?

The energy in which we give is the same which will come back to us.  If we give to others in fear of being in lack one day, that day will surely show itself. Then we will say, "See! I knew if I gave my excess I would wind up without."  But, we never make the connection of our giving energy to the same that came back to us.  The cycle of shutting down the giving and receiving in our lives begins. Eventually, we become so closed off every area of our life becomes hollow, dusty and empty.

Too many focus the word 'blessing' with financial giving.  A blessing can be anything.  Great or small. A smile, hug, helping hand, the sharing of a life story to aid another person, helping a hurt animal or showing compassion.  Picking up garbage, cleaning your room, helping the elderly or orphaned. There are many other forms of course and they all matter.

A blessing can be given to anyone or anything.  It is our positive action to make a positive change around us.  See yourself as a being of energy walking the Earth, and everything you touch, every word you speak and every action you take sparks energy from you in some form.  Will you be a blessing? Or will you be a curse?  We all must choose in every moment we are here in this life.  Be a blessing, and you will see your life change.  More importantly, you will see the world change.



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