Days of Gray

My soul feels gray today.  This is ok.  There are some on this Earth who look down upon those who have gray in their days.  They go about throwing rays of sunshine and demanding all who can hear them should feel as they do.  They believe everyone is required to take on the bouncy rays of sunshine and dance their souls happy.  This is ludicrous, unfair and egotistical.  Who is anyone to tell me how I should feel or not feel?  I feel as I do, and I embrace it.  Because I do this I learn.  I expand my understanding of life and my spirit gets stronger from these experiences I have. Whether they be sunny or gray.  It is neither right nor wrong to be in a particular state of existence.  Each state is a state of learning and growth.  Allow it.  Embrace it.  Then grow from it.

Now, if one does not grow, then they might want to step back, look at the experience and find out why.  What is in this lesson they are choosing to reject or not embrace fully?  It is in these moments I feel we have the opportunity to heal on a deeper level.  Simply because when we become stuck it is the soul's way of throwing a red flag in the air saying, "Hey! I'm not ok in this area!  Help me!"  Do not reject these harder times.  This is when spirit goes deep into the belly of the soul, reaching down into the quagmire of scars and pain to bring new life into it.

Spirit gets to the root of the issue.  It is only when the hand of Spirit is stayed and we say, "No. I want to stay this way", that we stunt our growth.  I have learned I AM.  Therefore I embrace all of the 'I AM' whether it be days of gray or days of light.  Because I AM, I can continue to grow.  Is it scary?  Of course!  Growth is all things and all forms to all people.  It is as it should be.  We have to decide whether we will stiffen our necks against Spirit or submit to the lesson.  It is our freewill to choose.  I want to learn.  I want to grow and expand.  I submit myself when there are lessons to be learned.  Spirit is there to help us become better.

But, as all children do at times, we can stick our pride in the air and decide we do not need help.  This too is ok, and lessons will be learned here as well.  Can you slow down the moments you are caught in today?  Slow them down to see them for what they are?  Experiences to expand and stretch the boundaries of understanding.  Today I am gray, rainy, blue, solitary and fully present in all of it.  Because I am present I learn and have compassion for self.  Today I AM kind to myself.  What about you?


I am gray
The sun is far, far away
I am rested and whole
Expanding my soul
Embracing all things
Experiencing my moments
Letting them surround me
Waiting and watching what they bring
I breathe and I grow
In all of this I lovingly know
I am eternal, I am secure
Spirit reaches in love so pure
Finding the dark places
Bringing them to light
Forgotten places inside
Love I hold is my guide
I am gray 
The sun is far, far away
In my learning I embrace all
Into Spirit's loving arms I fall
Today is today
Whatever it may be
Each moment I have
I find more of me



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