Today my youngest son and I had a very deep conversation regarding his upcoming move.  He reiterated a conversation he had with his father, my ex-husband, whom he works for at the present time.  To really understand our conversation, and deeper meaning I wish to express to you, I must allow you a window into the past.

I am known in my family as the 'gypsy'.  According to my mother I take after my father who had an adventurous personality.  He served in the Air Force, went on to work for NASA, and eventually became a programmer for a huge, book distribution company.  During their life together they lived many places; the most exotic being Guam.  My mother makes me laugh because she doesn't consider herself adventurous in the least.  I would have to say being recruited by the FBI in her senior year of high school is quite adventurous.  No, she did not take their offer because of her father.  That is a whole different blog all together.  Needless to say I received my genetic tendencies to roam legitimately I feel.

Most people never leave the area in which they were born.  Oh, they may visit the world, but more often times than not they return to their roots.  I on the other hand do not have roots.  Thus the label 'gypsy' has been branded beside my name in the family Bible.  The first thing people ask me when they call is, "So.  Where are you living now?"  My last move was of course to return home to care for my mother in her last days.  Whether she has months or years is yet to be determined.  Before that however, I am quite proud to say I lived in one place for seven years.  This is as close to rooted as I have ever been.  I know this because I miss my home, my middle son, his wife, and my precious friends.

My son stated today in the beginning of the conversation, "Mom. Please don't take this the wrong way when I tell you. OK?"  He then went on to let me know he had told his father, "I'm not a gypsy, but I want to go back to Texas."  Bless him, I started laughing.  I told him he in no way needed to justify his decision to move back to where his heart is.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

See, I am a gypsy in spirit.  I'll be the first to admit it.  I have to be free to flow with this life.  I am not afraid to let go of everything and just move.  Everything is an adventure to me.  A story to be walked, seen, written, sung, danced and hopefully shared.  I do realize this is not for everyone.  As I stated before, most people never leave home.  They live in the same place for twenty, thirty even fifty years.  This too is beautiful.

In helping my son understand not only himself but me as well, I had to explain there are times in one's life a 'shift' has to happen.  This shift can be due to growth, or death, in one or more of what I call The Four Pillars of life: Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional.  The Four Pillars are the entry way into our life through which all things flow.  We experience and we learn.  This can cause a shift, which in turn causes one to change their life in a major way.  Because my antennas are very high into the ether, I pick up on the flow of life rather easily.  I am more connected there than in the physical plane.  This is why I am an introvert with a few extroverted tendencies.  It is easy for me to 'know' and in 'knowing' I move, adjust, and shift with the flow.

His life has come to a point where a shift of consciousness and growth has taken place.  Thus, it is time for him to spread his wings and fly.  I am proud of my son.  He is brave and strong facing his life head on.

All of this, my dear reader, could apply to you.  You too will walk through shifting in your life.  It is natural.  It is a time to embrace.  A time to reflect on the condition of your soul.  An opportunity to take out that bucket list you created, and see if you are able to check anything off.  It is also an opportunity to evaluate if your present existence is in line with your dreams.  Is it?  Are you happy to get up every day, or night?  Do you enjoy that which you put your hands to each day for work?  Is your life conducive to the flow, or are you stagnant?  Have you lost your sense of adventure and play?  When all is quiet and still.  Only the ticking of the clock to be heard.  What does your soul cry for?  If you are at peace, wonderful!  If not, maybe it is time to consider stepping into the realm of the 'gypsy' and let your boundaries go.  Follow your dreams.  Take that class or sign up for open mic night at the local pub.  Even if it is just baby steps to create change.  You have it within you.  We all do.  Some of us, such as myself, never learned not to listen to the call.  

Gypsy Spirit

I have a gypsy spirit
My life is not a cage
I flow in and out 
Listening to its direction
My destiny it knows
My reason and rhyme
I will not be bound by what is seen
For me there is no such thing as time
I am eternal and old
Much I have learned and much must be told
Chains of life reach out to bind
No longer afraid, I left the cage far behind
I bent the bars and broke the lock
Spread my wings and flew into the sky
Just like an eagle I flew to mountains high
Now I watch and listen for the wind
On it I soar, my freedom never to end
(2016 ©)



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