With today's internet and other technology I find myself overwhelmed at times with too much information.  Simplicity has seemed to flit out the window.  I have a subject, I research and then find myself inundated with information which is sometimes useful and other times not.  My information filter is made of maybe three holes where someone else's may be like a colander with a hundred holes.  I have three choices, and I choose the one nearest to the information I desire. Or, I choose none and look for three more to look through.

This inability to take in a lot of information at once has created a part of my personality which most women find unusual.  I hate shopping.  Dear Lord give me a nerve pill if I have to go to a mall.  Shopping is hell to me.  I walk into a store and get slammed with fifteen different colors of one style of shirt.  Or, racks and racks of styles that I couldn't even begin to wear them all in one lifetime if I tried.  I mean really.  Why?  My closet is slim.  If I don't wear something within two seasons it's gone.  Such as sweaters.  I had several which I had not worn in two winters.  Gone.  Out.  Done.

My mother calls me the most unsentimental person she knows.  When I clean, I clean.  She goes behind me to make sure I haven't thrown away anything she wants to keep.  I have learned if I don't want the headache of cleaning and then finding things I have put in the donation bin back in her closet, I had better stay away from anything she would consider a keepsake.  Which is just about everything.  I personally feel one representation of something is enough.  Why have two or three of basically the same thing?  Our world has become cluttered.  Too cluttered.  I understand variety is the spice of life.  I get this.  I really do!  But, seriously.  Why do we as a society buy into the commercialism of basically everything on Earth?  When did we start believing in so called 'experts' who are nothing more than glorified salesmen?

 I really started paying attention to how I buy things a long time ago.   I pay attention to true research, research I have conducted on my own and listen to the feedback and reviews of others before I buy things.  I am also the type of person where less is more.  I would rather have one thing of quality than a hundred sub-quality items, and I also do not need a hundred of the quality item either.  Now, I am not speaking of collectors.  That, I get.  Hey, I have a collection myself.  I'm referring to having so much unnecessary stuff a person spends more time filtering through the stuff than actually living and experiencing life.  I believe if one can begin to narrow the choices, focus on the inner self and listen to the vibe of life they could be so much more content.  Filling one's life with stuff is to me compensation for something missing, or not listening to what is within.

Learning to let go of the external and connect with the internal is the beginning of balance.  Yes, we need stuff.  Yes, we want stuff.  I would love to have certain things.  But this doesn't mean I have to have them to have a great life.  It is important to determine what is necessary and what is unnecessary.  There will always be times of frivolity.  This too is important.  Fun is a wonderful thing.  But too much of anything can unbalance the soul.  My inner voice is my filter and to it I turn my ear for guidance. I do not need all of the external to find my answers.  I have learned to listen to my body, my spirit and soul.  The external is the noise which disconnects us from spirit.

I challenge my readers to choose one week and set aside ten minutes for silence.  Utter silence.  In each session of silence I want you to pay attention to breath, heartbeat, sensations outside and inside the body.  Afterwards, write down anything which came to mind.  Attempt to quieten the mind by focusing it on the silence.  Empty space.  Slow the thoughts coming through.  Seal up the holes in the filter and only have a few open for information.  After a week, read the things which you have written and you may be amazed at the clarity you find.  Quieten the noise and find the balance.

I Am Quiet

I am quiet
Silence rings
Breathing slow
I let go
Floating away
Tethers untie
On clouds of peace I lie
Listening to the voice within
Spirit speaks and I listen
Questions answered
Fears subside
Love floods in
Heart open wide
I am quiet
Silence rings
Breathing slow
I let go
Let my inner self flow
In and out of time I rest
All of this to be my best
Washing away the dark
Inner divine sparks
I am quiet
Silence rings
Breathing slow
I let go




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