Purpose To Be Positive

Negative thoughts and emotions are to the soul as cancer is to the body.  Purpose to be positive in thought, word and deed.  Each of us have the opportunity every day, in big and small ways, to create an environment of positive, creative energy.  Is it easy?  Sometimes.  Other times it takes everything inside just to muster up any feelings of gratitude or happiness.  I call these Pollyanna moments.

If you have never seen the film, watch it.  It is a 1960's film about a young, orphaned girl played by Hayley Mills. The main character, Pollyanna, purposed to find something positive in every situation she was presented with. It was more than just looking for the silver lining in every cloud.  It was something she felt in her soul and her heart.  Throughout the movie she either annoyed people or they fell in love with her.  By the end of the movie she had the whole town following her lead of being positive by playing the 'Glad game'.  Hunt for the things to be glad about and one would eventually forget all the other.

We could use more people like Pollyanna in the world today.  But, we have to start with ourselves. Yes, negative things happen.  They are supposed to believe it or not.  The negative is the catalyst which pushes us past the boundaries and limitations we become comfortable within.  It forces growth. During the process the lesson is driven into us to respond, and not to react.  Responding to something means taking the time to stop, assess, think, feel, understand, step back and take a look from the outside in, and then make a move.  Reacting to a situation most often times leads us to make a move or decision based solely out of an immediate, emotional state.  If we allow ourselves to stay in a state of reaction we stay in a state of stress.  Negativity wreaks havoc in the body, and eventually the body will begin to show the imbalance.

Purpose to be positive one moment at a time.  Be the example to others even when they resist.  Be kind in this life.  And above all, show love every chance you get.


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