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A person's success in life has little to do with how they feel.  It has everything to do with how they think. The difference between successful people, and those who are not, is the people of success 'think' success therefore they 'know' and become success.  They exist in a state of success.  Our emotions and feelings can affect the way we think, thus creating this vortex of existing energy which surrounds our physical state. Emotions are sneaky little buggers which can create positive or negative energy.

Successful people have learned one important exercise above all.  They have learned to compartmentalize their emotions and only allow them to come to the forefront when it is productive to do so.  At that point they process the emotions and absorb any important information from them. Then they move on.  In essence they keep their emotions in 'timeout' until it is safe to acknowledge them. They do not allow their emotions to dictate their state of being.  This does not make them cold, hard, harsh, mean or unapproachable.  It simply makes them focused.  Never assume a successful person has no feelings.  They have only learned to listen to both the heart and the logic without allowing one to rule the other.  Now, can they be imbalanced?  Absolutely.  Anyone can.  The key is to learn to respect both and never deny each a voice.  To be a true success balance in necessary.

A person's  success in life is not determined by their DNA, their family or friends, socioeconomic or physical environment.  Could it help for these things to be positive?  Maybe.  However, it is up to the individual to make the most of the opportunities afforded them.  No matter what the environment, we have opportunities to turn negative into positive or even positive into negative.  Ultimately at some point in a person's life they have to make the choice for themselves how their life will be.

It is important to teach young people what success is.  Part of success is answering the inner calling. The inner destiny.  Looking past the physical and seeing the unseen.  Finding within that which the soul is passionate about.  Teaching them to create positive thought in the most negative of situations. What form success takes is dependent upon the individual.  Because of this we cannot compare our life to any other.  We can only allow the life of another to be a guide or example of what to do or what not to do in our own lives.

To be a success we first must pay attention to what we think about ourselves.  Is it positive or negative?  Have we bought into the lies and curses spoken about us by others?  We must start at the root of our thoughts.  There is no other way to begin the change from not having what we want out of life to living our dreams.  We must fall in love with ourselves daily.  Then we can begin to believe we deserve our dreams.

Create this mental image.  See your goal, whatever it may be, on the horizon.  It is clear?  It is solid? Yet it is there and you are here.  Now, look down at your feet and realize there is nothing to step forward on.  There is only empty space before you.  Blank.  Catch the first thought that passes through your mind.  See it form into a solid brick in your hand.  Stoop down and lay the brick in front of your left foot.  Catch another thought.  Form another brick.  Lay it down in front of your right foot. Now look down at the bricks you have laid.  Have the bricks crumbled yet?  Are they still there?   You should know if the bricks will hold you by what type of thoughts you caught.  Do not build your road to success with bricks which will crumble under your weight.  Build them with solid, beautiful, positive thoughts.  Make them solid and firm.  Place each brick before you with purpose.  Then one thought and one step at time begin to walk the road to the success you envision for yourself.

You will eventually transform your surroundings and state of being.  You will change. Will it always be easy?  Of course not!  It takes hard work to control your mind and forge your road.  Positive or negative, it is your choice.  Do you want to walk in your destiny?  Do you want to be a success? Then go get it, and take responsibility for how you do it.  Because at the end of the day, you are the only own to answer for the condition of your life.


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