Stepping Outside the Boundaries

Time is the determining factor in this physical existence.  From the moment of conception or creation, until the life energy leaves the vessel time encompasses all.  Only here, in this physical plane does it exist, and in its existence gives the human condition structure. Step outside of time and you meet the eternal.

Understanding all energy is perpetual and eternal will help us release the ego's driving need for dominance.  Harmony then follows and the end result is peace.  If mankind as a whole could grasp the understanding that this plane is but a temporary place for the purposes of learning and expanding the spiritual consciousness, the world would be a different place.  It would be a different place because mankind would leave behind the base notions of pride.

The ego's need for dominance and the driving pride behind it causes one to focus on the physical plane as the only form of existence and therefore the only determining end.  Allowing the conscious mind to grasp, hold and exist inside of the knowledge we are eternal beings temporarily living inside of a human shell, pushes one to accept the higher value of the current lifespan.

In other words, one comes to understand the value of the current life whether it be days or years. Each span has within it important information for the soul to learn and also to teach.  Once ego is silenced, giving and receiving takes on a new meaning.  One becomes able to give unconditionally and receive with gratitude.

You might say since time is the determining factor in the physical plane, it would make the need to 'get things done' or accomplish everything one can before time runs out that much more important. However, if one transfers this into the eternal one can see there is in reality 'no rush' to do or accomplish those things because in the eternal, whether we learn here or there, it is all the same. It is only the plane which is different.

For example take the movie Groundhog Day.  In the movie, the main character begins to realize he is living the same day over and over.  Even though the day repeats itself he retains his awareness and memory.  In the first few days of this realization, he is wasteful of his time by doing selfish things and using people to meet his own purposes. Eventually he 'matures' into the knowledge the condition he finds himself in may possibly be eternal.  What does he do with the 'time' given to him after this realization?  He begins to wisely apply himself to those things which matter. He becomes honest not only with himself but others.  Nurturing and developing relationships, learning and applying new skills.  He purposes to make others smile and be happy.  In essence, he loses the driving need to focus solely on himself and his wants or desires.  In doing this he finds his inner self and releases the binding fear of his human condition.

In the eternal, it is the awareness, understanding, and knowledge which changes, not the state of the eternal.  Eternity is, was and forever will be.  It flows and bends, but it is unchanging.  It is the soul's growth which changes the perception and awareness of what is within the eternal.  As we grow and mature we see things new, deeper and the meaning becomes expanded.

We were not meant to be Earthly bound for all things are temporary here.  The only 'things' we will take with us when our 'physical time' has run out will be that which we have learned, and which has been written upon our soul.  We must be eternally mindful within the time span we are allowed to have. Also, we must live as an eternal with the understanding one day the physical existence will release us.  Be wise in deed and word for it will be written upon the soul taken into the eternal.  Will we choose to attain understanding, compassion, and empathy for others?  Will we expand ourselves to embrace more than what clothes we wear, food we eat, how much money we can make and save? Will we grow past the destruction of our natural resources without trying to help heal our Earth? Will we finally become responsible humans, and prepare for future generations, in the hopes they will learn from our example of humanitarianism and keep the perpetual state of human kindness going?

When and will we step outside the limitations of the physical and finally embrace the eternal?  All it takes is one step at a time.  Each day choosing to do unto others as you would have done unto you. Each day choosing to do better, and think beyond the ego's selfishness.  Loving one's self first, but in affirming oneself, casting the net of love wider without fear.  The more we do this, the closer we will move towards bringing eternal love into the physical plane.

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