The Game

Flicker, flame
Tell me your name
In the shadows 
Past the candles light
My reason, my rhyme
Quickly, quickly
We're running out of time
I know you are there
I hear you breathing
We must hurry the coach is leaving
This game we play
Needs save for another day
To have you I forfeit
I gladly concede
Your arms, your kiss 
My soul and body needs
Quickly now
I hear the clatter of hooves
The moon is high
And the night owls fly
Come my love 
Away from the dark
Enough of our foolish lark
I cannot leave without you
Tell me your name
And together we end this game
You sigh at me in frustration
I stamp my foot in resignation
Time is spent and I will leave
Taking with me the candle
And the light it weaves
I hear your deep chuckle
Thinking you have won
Knowing my heart has come undone
Into the hall you begin the chase
While conjuring a plan I make haste
Through the window the moon light shines
The candle standing alone you find
Where did I go, I was in your sight
Reaching around you, I snuff out the light
My arms tighten and I hold fast
Whispering I have you now my love, at last 
Turning in my arms the name you speak
Your lips touch mine, my knees grow weak
You win this time my sweet love, you say
But tomorrow, tomorrow I will have a new day


      Couples | Kiếm Võng | Source


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