The Mad Hatter and I

I took my seat among the guest
So happy I wore my very best dress
The table was set and ready for tea
All of us smiled and giggled with glee
Nodding our hellos and shaking hands
New faces, old faces from all over the land

My heart tittered and tripped as I awaited his arrival
The queen wasn't happy, she was very tight lipped
Butterflies and excitement filled my stomach with a rush
Just the thought of him, and I began to blush 

Tea pots filled the table, making sure no one was left out
The tea was hot and ready, steam floating from the spouts
 Cups and saucers were stacked to the sky
With biscuits and cakes balanced just as high

His footsteps we heard and His mumbling unclear
As he rounded the corner we all began to cheer
The Mad Hatter had arrived and the party could start
Happiness filled me all the way to my heart

You think him insane with no sense and chaotic
But within the madness a genius has plotted
Stimulating the mind and the senses as well
His next course of action you never can tell

Sitting down in his seat he looked all about 
"Drink your tea," he said with a shout
I giggled a little because I knew why
He did it on purpose to make the Queen cry

Over the rim of my cup who did I see
It was the Mad Hatter smiling at me
I raised my cup, and gave him a wink
Unconcerned of what others would think
Taking a breath I let out a yearning sigh
We have a little secret, the Mad Hatter and I


The Mad Hatter | Source

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