Empty Mind

Understanding the mind is the avenue which binding and constricting chains are created, is the first step to inner freedom.  It is truly a Matrix moment when one moves into this understanding. However, we are not bound without knowledge as Neo was, for we have knowingly created our own prison. Through all circumstances, daily living and all the choices we make, we create the atmosphere and condition of mind.

It is in the release of what we think we know, the separation from previous conditioning, to allow ourselves to see the whole of all within.  Unfortunately, cleaning house, or tearing down of the walls and constructs we have devised to protect us from without, causes such pain and turmoil we quit before we can see the light.  It is difficult and hard to admit our state of being, a state of mind and condition of life, is our own responsibility.  So much are we used to pointing to our neighbor, brother, sister, mother, father, friend saying, "My life is YOUR fault, not mine. It is because of you I am as I am."  What lies we weave and tell ourselves each day in the attempts to create a comfortable existence!  It is but an existence of blindness and bondage which we have created, and the only way out is to wake up.

Wake up! Wake up! In waking, we realize all is but a house of cards ready to fall.  We must understand all which we seek is right here within us already.  Nothing without will ever fills us. Father and Spirit have filled us with everything we will ever need to exist in this physical world and be truly free.  Out of fear we create the cage bars and walls separating us from each other.  Out of self-inflicted pain we lash out to cause harm, because we do not see the fairness in others living life as we wish to, but cannot.  The pain grows into resentment, into bitterness and finally into hate.  But, what we truly do not understand is we are hating ourselves only.

We hate that we do not have the courage to break free, and the care enough to change what we think we know. Instead of responding in true knowledge, we react in ignorance and intolerance. We see all things and those outside of us as the enemy of our soul's very existence. How blind we make ourselves!  Bound in half-truths and created bondage of assumed interpretations of what we think we know.  Understanding first that we know nothing, and in nothing lies the answer, will lead us to find the internal key to unlocking the cages we have created for our souls.

There is only one truth, and it is love.  All things outside of this universal law are hollow and filled with ego-driven interpretations to control.  Yes, there is evil, there must be for how can you have light without darkness or love without apathy, good without evil?  There must always be opposite, it is the law of the spirit.  In having the opposite we know how to deal with each.  If we have love, we know how to deal with apathy in pureness of spirit.  If we have joy, we know how to deal with sadness in pureness of spirit.  If we have good, then we surely know how to deal with evil in pureness of spirit.

In knowing we ourselves have created an internal environment for our own soul's demise should quicken us to stand still, and cease from action until we have broken those walls and chains binding our soul's ignorance. Those of pure spirit who have come before us for thousands of years, surely, could not have been so far out of truth they were all mad.  How could so many, living hundreds even thousands of years apart from each other, not to mention the geographical locations of each, universally say the same things and yet all be in error?  We must begin to embrace the idea, for each generation of mankind, there are those who have been given the task to cry the warning of inner death.

Allowing our spirits to wallow in untruth and darkness created by our own hand and ego is truly the most unnecessary waste of one's existence.  We cannot continue to look about us expecting others to save us from ourselves.  How selfish the ego is!  We must want change, we must want to understand, and we must want freedom.  All of these can only be attained when we cease the internal deliberations between ego and spirit, understanding the physical existence is the extension of the soul's learning. We are responsible for our own lives, period.  This does not apply to those who are not of the age of understanding, the children.  They truly are free, and it is we, the ego-driven adults who cage them right along with us.

True freedom comes from revelation through emptying the mind and allowing Spirit to download truth into each of us.  Then allowing the understanding that although we are separate in our paths and lives, we are still one. Together, stepping outside of cultural, economic, religious, political and ethnic backgrounds, and we step into the universal picture of oneness. All souls living together as humankind.  We and only we will make this existence more than what it is.  We and only we are responsible for our own life's condition, no other.  We, and only we, have the power to create the world worth living in and is only we who have the power to destroy it. Wake up and be free.

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