Expansiveness Without Expectation

We are a creation driven by the requirement of action.  Meaning, it is hard to be still and quiet.  From the time we are born, by our actions, we learn, and also learn by watching the actions of others.  We are rarely taught to go within and be still.  To listen to the silence and be calm.  Our minds are on the hamster wheel of life being constantly bombarded by daily activities whether it be work or play.  We have television, computers, games, social media, and music all of which is compounded through social interaction via work, school, friends, and family.

We are in constant motion.  Our minds whirring about constantly processing everything we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel emotionally.  In all of this silence is lost.  The stillness is relegated to the corner for later when in moments of fear and panic we reach out in prayer and supplication for answers.  Unfortunately, because we have trained ourselves to do the opposite of being still and be in silence, we find it hard to focus.  Because we are unable to focus, frustration sets in and we curse the silence and stillness for not answering us; when all the while it was waiting for us to show self-control.

The stillness and silence never change.  It is and always will be.  We, create the noise.  It is important to understand that the first step is not action, it is to calm the mind. Then, and only then, allowing all other steps to follow.  In doing this we actually become more efficient in our daily activities and interactions.  We begin to operate out of a place of peace instead of chaos.  We attain a place of discernment, understanding our life's path to a greater degree, which allows us to then filter out the unnecessary things around us.

In silence and stillness, we take the reins back from the ego and the base nature of humanness.  We control the flesh, not the other way around. We begin to dictate what will and will not be.  No longer are we driven from pillar to post, and at the end of the day have nothing to show for our expenditure of energy.  No longer is time wasted on those who do not feed the soul or superficial actions which drain the physical body and put it under duress.  In the silence and stillness of mind, we become aware of the inner most self.

Many cannot be in such a place because they are afraid of what will be revealed.  The noise becomes the excuse to stay away from the inner self.  These people cannot be alone and are in constant need of attachment.  They look for affirmation outside themselves and are driven to seek out others for constant approval.  In reality, they have disconnected themselves from themselves.  They are unable to affirm because they do not know who or what they are.  They were never taught to go within first, never learning they do not need anyone else to say they are worthy and valuable.

Being in the silence we learn to expand the consciousness outside of the physical limitations of the mind.  In silence, our faith becomes solidified, grounded and affirmed.  When the ego is put in time out, it can no longer interfere with the downloaded messages into the spirit which can then be applied to the everyday life. When we learn to be in silence without being driven there by a need, we can then begin to expand ourselves to a greater degree because we are not solely focused on the need. There are no expectations placed while we are there.  When we are there to just be, we actually allow ourselves to absorb more information than if there is one focus of intent. Being free of expectations can actually allow us to find answers to questions which haven't even manifested yet.  Being in silence prepares us.

It takes time, will and determination to reprogram our mind to do this.  It is a dedication to loving ourselves enough to make the change for betterment.  The answers to the most important questions we could ever ask will not be found out there in the noise.  They will always be found inside, in the silence and the stillness.  We must learn to just be, one moment at a time. In creating a safe haven for our souls to expand and receive, we move closer to connecting to the whole.  Being in the nothingness is a focus of stillness, being silent is a focus of receiving.  Be in expansiveness without expectation.

Silence: The Journey Within | Source

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