Nothingness. What does it mean?  When you hear someone refer to it, what do you think?   Does it mean loss or something dark?  Or, does it fill you with comfort and peace?  It means something different for everyone.  Understanding what being in nothingness means to us reveals a lot about our state of being in this life.

Nothingness is essentially 'being' in neutrality.  It is the purest state of being neutral one can attain.  It is a place which holds nothing definitive in its nature.  It is neither right nor wrong, positive nor negative, nor does it hold the application of humanness.  It is a place where one can be, removing all attachments, emotions, doctrines, theologies, judgments, belief systems and most importantly ego.  It is a place which is specified by the absence of all things.  It is a complete state of emptiness.

Being in nothingness allows the soul to view the human existence from the place of the observer. This state holds no application of the human existence past, present or future.  In other words, conditions which could be applied here in the physical, do not apply in the state of neutrality, or nothingness.  It is the purest form of separation.

This form of separation is not a result of a trauma, which the mind enacts for the purposes of survival. It is the spirit's ability to put the soul in a state to be able to view the life span from a nonjudgmental place.  In doing this we can look critically and honestly into our existence. Unfortunately, attaining a state of nothingness takes determination and will because the ego will not easily be silenced.

The ego fights this particular state more than any other because we can see the ego for what it really is, a control freak.  While in the state of nothingness, it is the goal to be able to sit and view our life as if we are not living it.  To be able to see every action and word for the truth they reveal about the life state.  In the beginning, it is very difficult to remain in nothingness because we want to immediately defend our actions and words.  We go into the mode of justification.  At this moment we are 'out' of nothingness and 'in' a specific state of being.

The goal of nothingness is to clear out the 'untruth' our ego tries to make us believe.  It also allows us to remove the binding we experience with emotional, mental and physical wounds we have incurred during our life.  We begin to see the bigger picture.  We see how our existence intersects with others, and how the experiences of life are shared by all, not just us.  We find we are not alone.  The view allows us to dissect the actions of others as well as ourselves to see the root.  Once the root, or truth, is revealed we can then put into place understanding.

When understanding comes, revelation then becomes part of the soul.  This revelation can then be applied to the existence for betterment.  Being in nothingness allows us to shed, momentarily, life. By stepping outside of the human existence we can then ask ourselves questions which we find so hard to answer.  Why do we believe the way we do?  Why did we take this or that particular action?  Why were we attracted to this person or that person?  What makes us happy, sad, glad, joyful, depressed or angry?  In nothingness, we begin to find answers in truth.  We begin to see others as they really are. We all lose our masks.

All of these things are identified without judgment in nothingness.  There is no condemnation in nothingness.  It is not a place to condemn ourselves and open the door for depression, self-hatred, or regrets.  Again, if this happens we have then stepped 'out' of nothingness.  Nothingness shows us the cause and effects of things in and around us.  When the truth is revealed and applied to our life, we can then begin the process of healing and productive forward growth.  Forgiveness is one product of being in nothingness.  It comes with what is exposed, and also because we are able to see the truth and the bigger picture. We see how our sphere of influence merges with others, the good and the bad. We are able to understand the 'why' behind the negative.  Forgiveness of self is one of the hardest things we face. Forgiveness of others is, more often times than not, much easier.

Those who are bound by Earthly things, the chains of ego (narcissism) or who are driven by flesh, very rarely attain the nothingness.  It is a quiet state of observation.  A separate state of understanding and downloading of knowledge necessary for our soul's betterment, which could possibly mean the exact opposite of what the ego wishes.  The ego can be a positive or negative driving force.  The revelation found in nothingness helps us balance it to create a healthy, daily conscious living environment.

Finding nothingness does not mean we are not to experience or express.  We do this while 'present' in our moments.  Nothingness can be compared to a 'time out'.  Our moments become more genuine and filled with truth, instead of distrust, pain, and ego.  We begin to apply what we learned while in nothingness to bring a deeper level of 'present' to our days.  When we walk in truth, life opens up to us. Fear no longer holds and binds us.  Fear no longer is the filter we use to live through.

Nothingness allows us to express and experience love in its purest state.  As long as we are willing to do the work required to grow, and be willing to learn, we can begin to live this life more fully. Relationships and spirituality become deeper in meaning.  Understanding and knowledge become sharpened tools to take us to the next level, and love expands us to embrace the whole.  We expand and in the expansion have a positive effect on everything and everyone around us.

We need to find the nothingness, and allow it to show us who we really are and what our life is really about.  Downloading the understanding and knowledge necessary for this life; then taking that knowledge and applying it.  We are all in this together.  We need each other. Regardless of what is on the other side, what we do here and now matters. We must strive to live in purity of spirit, soul, and body.  To see all humanity with empathy and compassion for the human condition, loving each other through this life, one moment at a time.

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