She Weeps

She creaks and groans
Filling the universe with her moans
Gasping, shuddering whispering sighs
Upon her we go about with our lives

Ages and eons beyond what we are
Her sound reaches the distant stars
They weep for her anguish
They sing of her pain
While we in ignorance
Dance upon her in the rain

She cries out to us for help
Shows us with gaping wounds
How we as the invader
Ignorant and full of pride
Lead her closer to her doom

Her once plush forest and grassy plains
The dense jungles drenched in misty rain
Now scars of ash, cracked skin and desert
Her crisp rivers, lakes, and blue oceans
Life filled ponds and deep spring wells
Now filled with chemicals, trash and rusting shells

The universe is witness to her horrid demise 
Watching her slow, torturous death 
Listening to the gasping, savaged cries
From her rape there is no relief
Across her face the scars run deep

We, the human are her captor 
Savage against her beauty
No longer standing in awe or rapture
Tearing asunder her life filled veins
Her abundance and flourishing gifts 
We the savage violator against creation
Life upon her meant for more generations 

She will be dead long before her time
We are the disease, parasite, pest
Against us the heavens mark our crime
Bearing witness to the tragedy
The life force slowly dies within her chest

When will our depravity end
Her salvation is in our hand
We kill her or save her
Humanity must understand
She existed long before we were
We cannot be or exist without her

Heal her wounds and dry her tears
No more hate or division through fear
Bless her days and her nights
The next generation must have new sight
Clean her waters and her land
Together we do this hand in hand
Show her hope, peace and light
Giving back is our only hope for life


Gaia | Source


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