The Well

A lost soul fell 
Down a dark well
Raking the walls
Clawing for life
Weeping, crying
Reaching for light

Dank air to breathe
Dark waters lap 
Swirling the knees
Trapped and cold
Filled with fear
Sad, tortured soul

Release of present
Freedom of thought
Binding shell rent
Expanding, creating
Flowing, merging
Soaring on the wind

Understanding all
Connection as one
Nothing to fear
Spirit to spirit
Each soul's call

Feet firmly planted
Back on the ground
Spinning in circles
No well is found
A creation of chains
Creation of fear
Now understanding
Shouting for all to hear

Do not be bound
Do not be afraid
Creating the well
Free the mind
Free the soul
Out of the darkness
Shattering the hold

Power lies within
Lighting the way
Reaching, dreaming
Dawning of the day
Always love and peace
To show the way


S. Kumari | Secret Lake | Source


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