A vessel to Earth He became
Healing the blind, deaf and lame
Ridiculed and bearing man's hate
Undaunted and facing His fate
Friend to the outcast and the lost
Embracing all, knowing the cost
A heart for man, more than words
Most calling Him mad and absurd
Hearing our spirit's cry for release
Upon the hearts of those that sleep
Giving hope, peace, love so deep
Sent here from the Father above
A vessel pure, right, full of love
Bringing man back into the light
Spiritual eyes opened with sight
Vessel of love, mercy and grace
Souls to live beyond this place
Safety, sacrifice and bearing up
Drinking from death's dark cup
Upon the tree His life did soak
Stripping away death's dark cloak
All for us, to know and to see
How deep grace and love can be
Precious soul, a heart to claim
Taking away suffering and shame
Bearing the witness, a love so true
Knowing His vessel died for you



  1. Your words are so true and correct and so powerful, thank you so much Ellen for sharing your beautiful gift with us

    1. Thank you so much! So happy to know it touched you. Peace, my friend. :)

  2. I love this Ellen! You bring life to our hearts, we feel what you feel, and as a writer and poet, you are so ahead of the game, you make us feel! :)

    1. You're so awesome, and thank you so much for the positive feedback. :)


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