Cast me upon the waters
Toss me to the wind
I am never seen
Into the ether I spin
But hold such power
Woman, child and men

I curve about the mountains
And settle in the streams
I run across the plains
And climb the forest trees
I dance in flowered meadows
And dive into the seas

I seep into universe
Gliding among the stars
I move about in silence
Sliding in between creations
Caressing the unseen
And witnessing the start

I have the power to maim
To heal, create and drive insane
I am easily remembered
And even more so forgotten
I hold the power to feed
I am the catalyst of change

I can be idle or overwrought
Never touched, held or caught
I can bind the strongest human
And be a hopeless, dark cell
I can pierce the thickest armor
Casting the shadow of hell

I can fill everything with love
Giving hope, peace and light
I can embrace, giving warmth
Making laughter, smiles, friends
I create bonds of the heart
Love that last to the end

I am your words
That which you speak
Use me wisely each day
I am what you say
You make the choice
And I follow your guide

Keep me in or spit me out
You hold the power, never doubt
I show your condition
Your spirit, soul and mind
I reveal all of you
Nothing left to find

I grow into space, the in-between
I am you and you are me
Be wise and true I plead
Once I am free I cannot return
We can be life, or be death
I depend on your next breath


Jennifer Wilson | ThePracticeofGoodness | Source


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