A Priest's Tale of Love

Told she could not love him
They told her to stay away
Behind closed doors he wept
Pining in the dark for her
His heart breaking slowly
Tears flowed to see her face
Hear her voice echo again
In his dark and empty space
Tortured in body and heart
They told him she went away
Unable to love who he is now
Lies they spoke he knew somehow

In the country chapel, just down the lane
A young woman on her knees before God
Before the alter, head bowed, she prayed
Grant him peace and surround him with love
I cannot hold him, comfort or ease his pain
Send your angels for me, whisper in his ear
Let him know his true love and friend is near

Faithful to her prayers and passionate pleas
Each morning the priest would open the doors
At the alter to her knees, she fell to the floor
Patiently she waited in the chapel, listening
Watching the busy lane from the window
Till the sun behind the trees fell to shadow

Moved by her faith, her love and honesty
The priest called upon the man's family
After hearing their pain, worry and woe
He asked to see the young man last
To pray, before he had to go

At last in private the priest began to pray
For peace, covering of love each day
After his prayer he opened his eyes
Only to see the young man cried
"Love has left me," he softly said,
"I cannot find her, stuck here in this bed.
They lie and say she left me,
But I know deep in my heart
Somewhere she is waiting for me
To find her, love her, hold her
Marry her, our life to finally start."

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath
"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
I do not have her, I am but death."
The priest had his answer at last
Taking the man's hand, holding it fast
"You are not death, do not wish, 
nor look for your last breath.
You have not lost her, she is near.
In her heart she holds your tears.
Strive to be better, believe to be healed.
Then to the chapel and at the alter to kneel.
You will find your love there I feel."

Hope burst within the young man's heart
Day after day he fought back the dark
Keeping her face before his mind's eye
His eyes clear of pain, tears no longer cried
Finally out into the sun he continued to heal
His heart full of love, soon to be sealed

Tired, lonely and heavy with lost hope
The young girl made her way to the chapel
The priest greeted her, taking her cloak
Her visits for a year, a routine they had made
Today her hope at last began to fade
As she knelt before the alter and prayed
Her eyes now dry, heart weary with time
Through the stained glass the sun began to shine

As she knelt, the chapel door began to creak
The priest whispered, a deep voice she heard speak
Keeping her mind on her love, she continued to pray
The heaviness and heartbreak she began to say
Suddenly, a presence next to her kneeled
Heat and strength she could feel
A tear gathered, she refused to cry
Raising her face towards the heavens
Begging God, and asking why

Looking to her side, disbelief caught in her chest
He was there, beside her, love robbing her of breath
Devouring her with his loving gaze
With a cry she reached to caress his face
The priest stood before them, tears in his eyes
"Will you honor, cherish and love each other true?
Till death takes you from the other's side?"
In unison, holding hands, "We do," they cried.

For years to come their story the priest told
A love so strong and passion so bold
Two young lovers weathered the rain
Walked through hell and grew from the pain
In hope we can pray to find a love so strong
"Have faith," he said. "It will not take too long."


Photo Credit: Angel’s Prayer by Bruno (Flickr Creative Commons)


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