Darkness Within

Sometimes it is easier to face the external darkness than the internal.  We have a daily life to help us ignore it as well.  It hides behind the daily grind, distractions of the computer and television, as well as the overactive social calendar.  There are many other things which help us keep from spending time with our demons, and of course, they are in no hurry for us to pay too much attention to them in the first place.  If we did, we would be more in tune and aware.  The understanding that the darkness within has so much to teach helps us find the courage to face them.

In the quiet, the stillness and the deeply alone times we come face to face with those things which we stuff way down deep.  Deep into the recesses of our consciousness where very rarely we tend to visit. It is when these deep rooms of our inner abyss become over full that we are forced to allow a few to the surface.  Unfortunately, some, when they do make it to the surface, simply get reclassified and delegated to another area to wait for the next time we have to make room.  The problem with not facing the inner darkness is the stunting of our spiritual growth process. Without the darkness, we would not know the light.

By not acknowledging the darkness we are actually allowing it to control the moments we are present.  It takes a lot of conscious effort to maintain a faultless and perfect outer facade.  If we can acknowledge the darkness, clean out the deep rooms of the inner self and productively apply what it teaches us about ourselves, we would be more balanced in our moments.  There is always an opportunity for us to be negative at any given moment. By counteracting the negative with positive force and action, we learn something about ourselves.

If we allow the darkness to come into the light, it is exposed for what it really is.  Sometimes it is fear, childhood pain, anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, confusion, depression, misunderstanding, miscommunication, the list goes on.  Once it is named, addressed, and looked at from a state of separation (nothingness), we can then use it to create the positive response necessary to move forward in our growth.  This allows us to move into a state of understanding and forgiveness because we can begin to identify the root cause of the darkness.  Knowing the root cause gives us enlightenment into our inner selves.  There was something within which allowed the darkness to 'root' in the first place.  It is important to identify what that is.

Will we ever be totally rid of the darkness within?  We are on a continual evolutionary process and in this plane of existence the duality, or opposites, are what push us to the next level.  The most important question, however, is whether we will allow these changes to be positive or negative.  Will we impact others positively or negatively?  Will we impact our physical existence with death or life? The choice in enlightenment is ours.  The act of free will to choose what we will do with the knowledge we gain by facing the darkness within and bringing it into the light.

We will not always like what is revealed, and the ego will do its utmost to justify the need for the current state so we are less likely to make changes.  There are those who carry more than others, so it is important to judge no one.  We all have our paths to walk and compassion is critical for each of us. Loving correction creates a positive change, whereas judgment in correction causes the receiver to develop insecurities or resentment.  We must all understand we are not meant to individually save the world, but to touch one person at a time with love.  We are to be co-creators of heaven on Earth.

Love is the ultimate response to darkness.  When we look inward to the darkness, if we face it with love we will be better able to process what we find without fear.  There are times when we need another soul to aid us in this process, and it is good to seek wise counsel.  Sometimes we need another to hold the light for us while we dig around in the rooms to clean them out.  We have many options open to us in the form of aid whether it be a best friend, pastor, mentor, family or professional.  It is important to utilize all the tools given to us on our journey.  Using such a tool does not indicate we are weak, but rather it shows we have the wisdom to silence the prideful ego and ask for help.

Facing the internal darkness is a tough season of life, but a critical one.  These seasons will come and go over a lifespan.  Learning to embrace these seasons will help them become less and less traumatic. The first time is the hardest, but over time the rooms slowly become empty.  The flip side to this is to make sure they stay that way.  Remember, the darkness will never go away and it is important in our learning process.  But, the goal is to process it as it reveals itself, not store it for long periods of time. We choose in every moment we breathe whether to stay in the dark or to walk free in the light.  We are stronger than we believe, more valuable than we know and more loved than we feel. Let's find balance one dark room at a time.

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