Doors of the Heart

If I could travel in time
Go back, undo, unwind
Find myself, just before
I made the choice, the mistake
Of walking through your door

Taking a breath, walking away
Now knowing in the end
You would never stay
Broken heart, pain untold 
One less scar on my soul

Another path, different direction
Affirmed, knowing without question
Being able to breathe, no tears to shed
Knowing who I am, where I want to go
Watching time bend, ebb and flow

Would it be better, finding another path
Or would I only keep searching
Longing for a love meant to last
All paths lead to the same
Learning of myself, ego to tame

Knowing a lesson must be learned
No matter the path, I will get burned
From the ashes new life grows
Purging my heart, a necessary pain
Preparing me for love to claim

I see your door in my mind's eye
Grateful now for lessons learned
Heart at peace, I no longer cry
Stepping through, I see your face
Knowing in all of this I found grace

Releasing the past into infinity
Circles, continual, merging as one
As I learn, the deeper my serenity
Hoping in tomorrow, and letting go
Love will find me again, this I know


Robby Cavanaugh Photography | Source


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